Reduce selling pressure on alchemica from FTP players

I have a new idea for a proposal for alchemica utility.

I understand that alchemica is going to be used in the game for buildings and craftering etc but I think with only 25000 gotchis who can access land the limited number of gotchi holders will hold back alchemica from a demand standpoint. This means that the gotchi holders / land owners will be the primary source of buy pressure on alchemica.

Pair that with higher inflationary circulating supply due to liquidators earning and selling (in order to make profit or buy gotchis or something) and there will be an imbalance with a heavy weight placed on the limited gotchi community by the free to play people. This will drive down the price of alchemica and give non gotchi community members a chance to dump on gotchi holders.

Enter a solution! Liquidators need a use for alchemica. Fitting with the spirit of the game they are trying to become gotchis again so it would make sense if they can lock (or burn) alchemica inside themselves in order to gain strength as they try to ascend to the power of a gotchi. They can start with small ammounts of alchemica to get small boosts in power and the cost of each boost increases exponentially to the point where a fully maxed out liquidator has to spend 6+ months worth of earned alchemica in order to become 1/4 the strength of an aavegotchi.

The values can be tweaked but I think 6 months of grinding to achieve max LVL is reasonable for a free to play game and gives a heavy resource sink for liquidators to avoid the heavy sell pressure from free to play players. This also adds a level of challenge for aavegotchi holders to make the game more fun and less repetitive when they have to battle a stronger liquidator. Think of it like facing an elite in an MMO or something.

Perhaps the upgraded liquidators can get things like faster movement speed, more HP, damage, larger range and faster attack speed. They can choose any combination of buffs like a skill tree of sorts that once chosen are permanent. They can also change visual appearance every couple upgrades to make them larger and more scary (maybe a different aura or color) they have a fixed number of upgrades they can make (maybe 100?) With each upgrade being a % boost to the corresponding stat. The boost grows as you add more stats to the same box for example 20 (20x5 = 100) to each stat may be 25% to each stat but if you put 50 into two stats each one is a 75% increase instead (numbers can tweak) so this will mean they can either be generalists or specialized in speed or damage or whatever.

With this liquidator guilds could even form squads where they have a tank (focus HP) and a thief (focus speed and damage) and mages (focus damage and range) this would add a cool element to the free to play side and create a lot more variability in battle for gotchis.

Please provide.any feedback I want this idea to happen to help everyone, more fun and more utility for alchemica will drive value for all gotchi owners and ftp people alike!


I like this thread and your point of view. Maybe we can also implement a fee in smart contract from collecting alchemica. This fee could go to a fund and later be distributed to the players that choose to craft or buy installations instead of selling alchemica for ghst.

I get where you are coming from, there are many ways to make use of alchemicas, it is hard to gauge the in-game economy when the details of the features (installations, aarena, etc) are not published or maybe in-thought process, which makes this an interesting discussion point, while we wait for the whitepaper.

Some use cases for Alchemicas (Alc) could be:-


  1. Collect Alc freely in the realm and they can freely sell them for GHST with the objective to earn enough GHST to buy a gotchi or realm parcel.
  2. Stake the Alc in their account and try to achieve most amount of Alc staked rank in a leaderboard that last for a ‘razing’ period of maybe a week or a month? The top ranked at the end of the razing period, maybe top 100 or 50, gets some kind of reward in the form of more Alc (higher apr for the higher ranked ones for the single-sided staked Alc (4 types))
  3. Provide Alc-GHST LP (4 kinds of pairs) into the GAX and earn more LP tokens, APR is fixed for this case.
  4. Swap or combine the Alc to craft Lickquidator’s weapons (only Lickquidators can use them), that help in their attack and razing madness, maybe weapons that make them move quicker, shoot something, have AOE splash damage, suck up Alc from afar, etc These weapons cannot be traded and are Lickquidator-specific
  5. Burn and sacrifice the Alc to help another Lickqudator into the realm bypassing any criterias (not sure what is the current criteria for Lickquidators to enter the realm at the moment, but im guessing there should be some gatekeeping?
  6. …what else?

And of course each type of Alc will have its own exclusiveness in the different use cases based on their rarity.

I like the idea of weapons for liquidators. Also for using it to summon a liquidator somehow (but we have to wait and see how pixel is thinking about distribution before we know if it’s viable.

Being a liquidity provider is important and I’m sure there will be incentives for that but it’s never enough to prevent selling pressure. You can’t have the use case for a token to be only to facilitate trade. Also the people playing liquidators are likely unable to afford a gotchi so many won’t be providing liquidity as their net worth will not allow them to tie up tokens in that way (just an assumption but you get what I mean)

I still think tho that we need more ways for a liquidator to use alchemica. Weapons are great to add to the idea but selling to get a gotchi shouldn’t be the main use for alchemica as a liquidator. Liquidators could play a very crucial role in making the gotchiverse fun for gotchi owners since a game with no opponent is usually boring. If the liquidators can also upgrade their own stats with it that provides more depth to their gameplay and more excitement making them interested in being a liquidator for longer not just dumping tokens till they can become a gotchi. I’m sure some will go that route but we still need liquidators so I think making their gameplay more exciting and reducing the urge to drop it for a gotchi asap will be a greater benefit to everyone.

yea, Lickquidators will mostly be f2p players, they probably wont consider spending anything to earn something, another idea would probably be introducing some kind of loot box or lottery mechanism for lickquidators and Gotchis alike, everyone collect enough Alc to open a mystery box of some kind, and get a chance to win something that can be used in the game with real value, like raffle tickets, or wearables, or realms, and the odds can be adjusted accordingly, or determined by the Dao periodically, to the total number of participants and prize, with different prize pools in 4 types of Alc loot boxes.