Add option to hide FACE/EYE items

When you want to get your Gotchi to the highest possible BRS, but by doing so have to sacrifice the great looks of double mythical eyes is kind of painful.

Proposal : add a option to not toggle equipped selected wearables.
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support this 100%
allow for toggling of face/eye/head


I think this would be a nice option.

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What if people hiding the eyes for a reason :smiley:


well, this would add a option for people who want to show their eyes!


Would like to see this feature added to the bazaar so I can look my gotch in the eye before I adopt them


Ya this should be pretty simple to do. Would it be okay if we just add a toggle button in the listing page that lets you view the Aavegotchi nakie?


i think it would be cool to have the option just to hide stuff so that your eyes can be visible while still having items equipped if that makes sense.

Hmm, you mean like in the smart contract? So you’d make a transaction that would unhide your eyes?

edited, i wrote it wrong. hope it makes more sense now

To illustrate what i mean, have some kind of check on/off box next to the item(s) so you can choose what you want to be visible and not.

i second this and propose for sake of customization you should be able to toggle display of all gotchi inventory. I mean we are ethereal ghosts of accountance after all.

I’m in favor of this.

Yep like that idea for toggling

Just to be clear, this is toggling locally right? As in, it would not affect the state of the blockchain?


would that mean that when interacting with minigames / other players they would still see your “headgear” not your eyes.

cus it would be cool to “show off” the eyes ingame to other people


YEEES. THIS. :blue_heart: :heart: YEEES.

i like this, lets go!

Any update on this @coderdan ?

Yeah, i want to see my Mythical eyes
As i get it, we can make it like a layer, that u can show on or off. Could be done to any item