Listing Items as a 'Set' in the Bazaar

Hey Frens!

Its been awhile since I’ve had a REALLY good idea I thought was worth posting here. This one is just too good. The Idea comes from other mmorpg’s i’ve played in the past.

What if you had the ability to list items as a set on the Bazaar? I believe it would create many more Market-Making opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

The idea here would be for someone who has all the items to complete a set would be able to put all the items into one Bazaar posting; which would display the whole set instead of a single item. In addition, I think the unofficial sets being included in this would add another Market dynamic. Becoming a “set builder” may even be another role one could take in the Gotchiverse.

Lets weigh some of the pro’s and con’s


  1. Would allow for someone to quickly find and buy all the items required to complete a set for the BRS bonus

  2. Gives sellers the opportunity to sell their items at once instead of piece by piece

  3. Gives new buyers a chance to view completed sets on the Bazaar with their associated BRS bonus

  4. Gives Buyers a chance to compare set prices to their individual counterparts

  5. Provides Market making opportunities for those saavy enough to arbitrage prices between individual items and their completed sets.

  6. Gives guilds a chance to sell Non-Brs guild created wearables with official Aavegotchi wearables as a completed guild set later down the line when that is implemented.


  1. May impact some items by making them more/less expensive than they are now

  2. May cause items with low very liquidity (Mythical/Godlike) to only become available as sets depending on the current distribution

  3. May cause an overall re-pricing in general

4.Additional Developer time committed to creating the UI for this

After weighing these I thought it was worthwhile to have a good conversation about this. Have spoken to a few Gotchi community members and have received overall positive feedback on Bazaar set listings. What do all you Frens think?


I think the idea is great Hefe.

I think it will highlight the idea of sets to some new users as well. If they haven’t read the whole wiki but get a gotchi or are browsing the Bazaar, looking in the “Sets” collection would open their eyes.

To get around the con of Godlike items only being available in a set maybe the set can be listed as a whole but users can still place an offer on an individual piece in an attempt to see if the seller will part with the piece. Not sure if that’s possible on the contract side but the Pixelcraft team seem like large brained wizards so probably a good chance it can be done haha.

I think the pros outweigh the cons and I don’t see it having hugely negative effects in the bazaar. Maybe as you mentioned people buying up all the low floor items that are parts of sets, potentially pricing out new users dressing gotchis. Maybe some items could not be part of a set to get around this, just throwing out ideas but the overall sentiment of your proposal is great I think.


I really like this idea! I didn’t get into the gotchiverse until haunt 2 and for some reason I was really excited about the idea of snapping up whole sets of wearables - I guess maybe I like things to match?

I think the new pricing dynamics that would be introduced by adopting this would be really cool, too.

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I think this is actually a great solution. I believe the team was already speaking about enabling offers on the Bazaar so this might not be all that hard to implement for parting out sets.

Like @Bagholder_McFomo_III was saying, we are going to be seeing ALOT of newcomers to Aavegotchi in the coming months (with the launch of the Realm). I think many people may not be aware of the set bonuses or won’t look them up to see the benefits of owning a set.

Proposals could also be later made to include some of the other sets like “Curve surfer” which takes multiple pieces from different sets to create a new set with its own set bonuses.

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I think this is a great idea! and as other have said, it will help new gotchi owners see that owning a completed set will also give a BRS boost! The Wiki is a lot to read over for newbies anyways (though they should be reading it!!) I suggest that this new addition… if added should be viewable under the filter tab and called “Sets” since under the filter tab it shows all the different rarity levels for wearables and sets are usually a mix of different wearable rarity levels.

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@3DSLAPS Yeah i’m thinking I know some people are just going to ape into Aavegotchi, People still getting the hang of RF and what that entails. Would be nice to have some completed sets with bonuses displayed so you know what you are getting right through the UI without searching.
I feel like the awareness of set Bonuses is growing now so their will be demand for items as sets. With that certain sets will be in higher demand, and it would be nice to have that option available for buyers. My other concern is that with certain sets becoming popular (with set bonuses) it is possible people could hoard items and prevent people from completing a set or making the set no longer accessible due to insane prices for a specific item

this is an interesting concern. but for the most part, i feel like the hoarding issue is unavoidable in anything involving collectibles. in the long run i don’t think this idea of bundle listings will make too much of a difference. the benefits would outweigh any of this imo…


It’s weird maybe, but I kind of love it? This is the sort of thing that might make a particular uncommon become worth more than a rare if it were part of multiple sets or if there was some cool meme associated or a social signal that people wanted to project was tying up supply. As it is now, we basically know what it costs to put how many points into each slot. There’s a tiny bit of magic missing due to predictability.

I’d be happy to live in a world where a 10 gallon hat suddenly moons for no good reason other than some sort of crypto twitter yee-haw! meme. This could be a positive step toward a more hilarious world.

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I totally agree with you on adding a little ‘magic’ to unique sets. Right now the listings on the bazaar are very organized under the different wearable slots, but it still seems fragmented as nobody can value what the floor price of a whole set would be.

I suppose a UI can be built to reference the Metadata and combine the listed floor items to create sets, but would still make it clunky to source the items and then buy them indivdually.

I would rather have the ability to buy sets directly from the Bazaar.

As you mentioned before, adding the ability to combine Non-Brs guild items with Current items in the game to create new sets would be an evolution of this. These sets could later be proposed to the wearables task force to get potential set boosts through structured DAO votes possibly?

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