Aavegotchi intermittent Blinking Eyes

Do you want your gotchi to have blinking eyes?

It would be a nice feature on the Aavegotchi page to add an element of cuteness and loveability to our digital frens. What I don’t want however is to take away from the teams focus on building the realm and deploying Haunt 2.

I propose a simple way to introduce this without much effort. Perhaps every three to five seconds would be ideal, almost like a “whoah did it just blink, or am I imagining it” viewer then waits for next blink to confirm. With a reactionary “yes it does blink, how cute!”

Question: Are the current happy face animations for pet gotchi stored on the blockchain?

Do you want your Aavegotchi to blink?
  • Yes, I would like my Aavegotchi to be more animated!
  • No, Gotchis do not need additional animations.

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Voted yes but what I meant was something subtle. Most nft:s have loops in them that look very forced and unnecessary.


Not currently, but it’s something we’ll add eventually. It’s not really necessary to put them onchain, but could be cool.

A blinking animation wouldn’t be too difficult to implement, but maybe loop it every minute rather than 3-5 seconds? That’s a lot of blinking!


@coderdan My team and I fully support any iteration of this.

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Would be very cool if they implemented something like this, and maybe added a randomized interval to reduce the looped effect (I know exactly what you mean).

Was just thinking the other day that it would be cool to see more animation throughout the menus. Mascot floating for “My Aavegotchis,” maybe a sparkle animation around “My Items,” lights on/off whenever item sales are live for the Maall, etc.


Nice proposal fren!
I like it as a low overhead implementation that makes our gotchi even nicer to look at!


Maybe throw in the occasional wink and I’m all in :wink::wink::wink: