Adding a boombox and Caasette to the Baazaar as a wearable for our Gotchis

I would like to propose the idea of adding wearables that are music for your gotchi. Since the wearables are ERC1155 tokens, it could be a boombox that plays a certain tune on the box when you interact with your gotchi or for future Gotchiverse Realm purposes. The boombox would use another wearable, a Caasette, which can carry tunes. Ideally, the boombox will come in different classes with say a common boombox that can only play one caasette or a godlike boombox that could play many caasettes or aalbums. The caasettes could also come in different classes and offer different playing options. This would ensure that a boombox and casette were accessible to all in the Gotchiverse Realm. We could also include a blank caasette feature so people could add their own non-copy right protected tunes. The boombox would go on the left side of the gotchi or could be part of the background slot.

These tunes could be community made or created by the Pixel Craft team and aauctioned off or sold in the Baazaar. If the tunes are community made, then we should consider allocating part of the fee from sales of boomboxes and caasettes to the Baards who created them (@Jo0wZ for example).

Ideally, the music would boost stats, be part of wearable sets (Cyber Punk gotchi with some dark electronic music would be dope), and be of a limited run to make them collectible. Shout out to @ArtCore for brainstorming this with me on discord. @ArtCore’s caasette idea take this to the next level.

  • Create equipable boombox and caasette wearables for gotchis (Paarty!)
  • My gotchis prefer the silent treatment (saad!)

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So you are saying, that we can benefit the musicans(royalty) playing their songs, while chilling on the epic nft game? :smiley:

Underground music scene here coming too bro, lil Govnuh musicans that want to show em s’elfs? :mindblowing: What is This - Aavegotchi 3574 think of it? I’m so curious…

Absolutly agree. This is something tottaly new.

Underground music market incoming :musical_score: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :musical_note:
I think blank caasets should be unlimited, cuz it will be not right to spec on it.
Written caasets, here u go 1\1, trade whatever u want.


Dang we would also create an underground trading market for bootleg caasettes. We would need to figure out a way to swap through an AMM to make it work best aka a Swaap Shop on the website on the same page as where we choose the maall or baazaar to enable us to trade the custom blank caasettes we make much like I traded badges with other Boy Scouts in the US when I was a kid or trading cards.

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The whole idea is already sounds brilliant, it’s definitely offering more reasons to own an Aavegotchi.

About AMM, I think we need a deeper comunity discussion about the Special Wizardry Aavegotchi Artists Place = S.W.A.A.P. just for the bootleged caasets.
Or it can be just like a page on the baazaar? Caasets?

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Special Wizardry Aavegotchi Artists Place = S.W.A.A.P.

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I think Aavegotchi is going to make this far more successful than Audius and Dreamloops are doing right now.


Wearable music noiiiice.
Also it would be more rad if one can buy a jukebox and put it in your parcel


This, 100%. I realllllly want to have a sushi shop for one of my gotchis (Jiro Ono #8296), and have some traditional Japanese music playing in it for all who visit. :slight_smile:


:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: We could also reach out to artist we like and see if we can get copyright permission and throw the copyright/royalty commission contraacts on to the blockchain. So many potential use cases. @coderdan @Jesse_gldnXross @candoizo @Coyote is this whole idea of the boombox, caasettes the secondary market for caasettes something we could realistically do?


Another good idea nobody bothered replying to anymore.

I don’t know how we can make this happen ! but I LOOOVE this Idea !!!

Great idea, 100% on board for any type of realistic implementation of this. Seems like it could be an interesting diversifier in gameplay down the line if integrated well.

I heard you taking about this idea during the hangout the other day. Coming from an era of boomboxes, I love it!

Maybe a separate post about what kinda Realm dapps would be cool?

23 votes 100% yes.
When we roll it out? xD