Airdrop to NFT lovers

Author: FlameViper#7396
ID Gotchi: 7885
Snapshot proposal:

I’m proposing a valueless airdrop+a separate claimable airdrop for every address that ever interacted with an NFT, both airdrops would be on the polygon network. I’d like for the claimable airdrop to be something new and interesting like a boombox+cassette, rather than another hat.
The first airdrop is just a newly-created, long-named NFT with a link that gives you information on how to claim the wearable airdrop. It will be an ERC1155 NFT airdropped in everyone’s wallets which interacted with OpenSea.
-There will be an initial airdrop wave to all OpenSea users and then a second airdrop wave to all NFT lovers(CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks, Axie Infinity, Rarible users, etc.)
-These NFTs should be easy to generate months and years after the initial airdrop so nobody attempts to buy off the entire current supply of 300k wearables and turn it into the next partyhat.

Because OpenSea finally supports Matic and people can see their NFT airdrops from Matic even if they are on the Ethereum network I say this is the perfect use for a cheap mass airdrop to OpenSea users and NFT lovers in general.

I looked into and what they can do is take an existing token and add a hidden link, PNG, any content to whoever owns that specific NFT or a number of those said NFTs. If possible I would like to create a channel in the Aavegotchi discord that sends the newbies directly to said channel with a role associated to them automatically for owning said NFT.
Uses for these extremely common and easy to acquire NFTs may be discussed and implemented at later dates.

Wide exposure for Aavegotchi.
Extremely cheap and easy to execute.
Does not destroy the economy like Murall did.

People bored that the drop is worth nothing.
An extremely slim chance of devaluing the current wearables.

I’m hoping to combine this with notorious_BTC’s vanity/skin wearables idea if the boombox+caasette, or 8-bit video game cartridge NFT doesn’t come in time. We could also do actual rare wearable drops for those who initially claimed a vanity airdrop and interacted with the community, but that’s up for discussion for later for another thread.


this is an interesting idea and may cast a wider net to capture interest to those NFT native which have not been exposed to Aavegotchi yet.

A wearable is a bit excessive. Maybe something people can use immediately or a new usable item with time-limit.


I really like this idea, but also feel a wearable may be a little too much for a valueless free drop to all.

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It would be a wearable that anyone who’s already had an aavegotchi or wearable beforehand will be able to create an infinite amount of them from the Mall out of nothing.

Now that OpenSea finally supports Matic we could do an airdrop with a self-explanatory NFT(a token with a link in its description explaining that there’s a further airdrop). A person actively trading on OpenSea is more sure to check his address than other people and cast a wider net on a possible journalist that’ll report back on it.
A way to check which users actually check their ether address for Matic drops would be great information to have.

1 Like could be used as a valueless token airdrop. i’ve created the GAT (Gotchigaang Access Token) for my aambassador group to have token gated content access. perhaps something like this can be employed. another option would simply be poaps?

Light the fire!
Show us the way!

Can tokens on be minted on Matic and shown off on OpenSea and Rarible accounts?

I think it is good
Let`s do it

Great idea. Yet another great way to capitalise on vanity slots. We can airdrop bind-to-gotchi items (as in they can’t be transferred) and carry no BRS.

As found here:

could we airdrop raffle tix instead?

We can basically do that already as a collective.

Was hoping for some attempt at new wearables and a new type of wearable which involves Pixelcraft creating them.

Also someone tell me if my proposal is written badly. Basically I wrote it in a way where you need to read it all in order to understand what I’m proposing. There’s no way to quote just 2 sentences and understand instantly what you’re voting for.

Would be dope to combine this with Good Ghosting no-loss savings game as rewards.

Maybe airdrop something so that they can get involved into the main game of Aavegotchi ??

I could airdrop this right now.

111 owners and 54 owners … well “I tried”.