Cool Realm Dapps. Post your idea

This post is made so as to cool dapp ideas which have been thought up wont go forgotten.

The List thus far:

  1. Boombox and Caassettes (Adding a boombox and Caasette to the Baazaar as a wearable for our Gotchis)
  2. My own entry, what about a notice board? Post a note for the parcel owner or just play a play by post game or anything, all within the realm.
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I wana do a wanted board


Also, Kill money for liquitators from vending machine…


Lickquidators should drop 1 of several 1155 upon death. Like a random chance between e.g. a leg, a tongue, and the glasses. The glasses should have the lowest drop rate and should be equipable by Gotchis. Or maybe they can get turned into wearables once you collected (or bought) a lot of them. So a Gotchi can wear a Lickquidator disguise made from dead Lickquidator drops…

Not gonna lie…that image creeps me tf out…:sweat_smile:


vending machine for power ups within the reaalm?

Dance hall where tiles change color (maybe patterns could be user programmable?) and gotchis can activate aawesome moves. Also, trampoline and a water cannon.

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Actual cannon to help repel lickers when they come at the end game.

Different types of towers in the grid. Freeze cannon, slows them down (also annoying) bomb cannon aoe, slow rate, flame thower limited range, high dps, sets them on fire, laser cannon, high range, limited damage… (starting to see some of these will most likely be core mecanics allready…)

oh no. do we go crypt ? Crypt of the necrodancer ? rhythmic dungeon crawling ?

I’d like a tournament board where you can see all user-generated tournaments. It was done in Puzzle Pirates, some were free, while some had an entrance fee. The tournaments were used mostly by rich players to advertise their clans.

Hey, new guys here, but want to discuss something that has been talked about repetitively when talking about the Gotchiverse, the high-stakes arena.

This sounds like a very fun idea to watch whales battle it out like a roman gladiatorial colosseum, but I just want to think through this idea thoroughly before implemented.

So what has been talked about is that you could have two gotchis battle it out for each other’s spirit force. When one gotchi wins, that gotchi gets sacrificed and all of the exp, collateral, and maybe wearables go to the winner.

Do we think this is a good idea to have? I know I just joined this game, but from what I can tell from owning my one gotchi is that my gotchi over time becomes my profile on web 3 linking back my DAO votes, event participation, etc. and if I go into the high-stakes arena and die that progress if erased?

I get the high-stakes arena is fun and lowers the supply of gotchi’s overtime for those who have gotchi’s to spare, but for those who don’t, there is nothing that I have heard that compares.

So I propose a staking system that does not result in the death of your gotchi, but instead, the loss of staked collateral. You can still use your gotchi’s traits to fight and over time the goal will be to improve those traits so you can win more in the staking arena.

By implementing this you give the incentive for people to keep rarity farming for the best traits and wearables to be the most competitive over the long run, instead of being a one-time loss and you lose your entire gotchi. This way also promotes skill-based training and grinding similar to other classic games like Runescape, which has the Duel Arena, which has inspired this idea.


I think this is the way it will work. No dying just loosing some of the collateral. Maybe die hard could be an option but I really think that won`t be very popular option…

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It is like robbing somebody’s money a way and don’t really like that idea of sacrificing gotchi
Too much risk in there.
And there’s no promise that the arena is anti-cheatable.

Edit: sorry I missed sth. Staking is good idea.
When you lose you just loose a portion of your stake

Port from to or to have a gotchi hanging out and talk to strangers. Maybe helpping with various commonly asked questions?


Would be awesome to have gotchis on alethea. Does anyone know the team there?

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Näyttökuva 2021-10-22 031743
Not really though I bought a L2 pod and trying to fuse it with this guy. Lets see how it goes. We may have to be added to supported projects list beforehand though. There are 15 projects as of now.

I won’t be porting so much as maybe using one of my ASM Genesis brains for an Aavegotchi to see what would happen. But that may be the plan (I’ll be using one for FLUFs definitely).

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