Adding a countdown clock to the Rarity Farming Leader Board

Hey frens! I would like to propose adding a countdown clock to the Rarity Farming Leaderboard showing how long until the next Snapshot for Szn 1 Rarity Farming Rewards. Some members of the discord feel that not enough adequate notice is given for the Snapshots and after today’s delay of the Snapshot, it might be worth it to add a countdown clock so that we all are on the same page in terms of timing of rewards snapshots.


  • Yay countdown clock!
  • Nay I want a tweet or aanouncement every time!

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It’s a great idea, it will help to clear things up for everyone with all the different time zones.

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lol I forgot about the time zone thing. A fine point indeed!

Never mind. This is on the list of dev tasks so we do not need a proposal for it :grin:


This is implemented as of today!