Gamified Future of Rarity Farming Seasons

So I envisioned a future where there are tons of minigames being developed in the Aarcade Aavegotchi ecosystem, where the whole ecosystem is flourishing and there is enough GHST to seasonally launch 4 RF seasons each year but. with a twist, including the 4 most fun/competitive/balanced minigames voted by the DAO to actually impact the RF season.

How? by adding temporal Game Rarity Points boosting your BRS depending how you rank in such seasonal massive gaming events, suddenly the marketing for these RF seasons would open up to endless options surrounding this 4 top games of the moment, adding a gamified layer that could seriously impact the RF final leaderboard in a good way, given no cheating and fair play ofc.

Watya guys think about this

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The latest I’ve heard (might have changed) Player rewards are divided into RF rewards (mostly funded by haunts and wearable auctions) and REALM rewards (founded by parcel auctions). What you’re proposing sounds like mixing those together, as mini-games will become more of a REALM thing.

I proposed having a dedicated workgroup for rewards to make suggestions to Pixelcraft. It didn’t spark much discussion, but people generally seemed in favor of it, judging from the poll. Maybe you’d be interested in joining?

There hasn’t been a signal prop on it, because I think it’s important to first establish who’d be in that group before voting on it, and there haven’t been many volunteers yet.

Ah Yeah I believe the workgroup idea for rewards distribution is on point, I would enjoy tossing ideas about how to rewards players, my idea was to give more power to the minigames in the RF seasons, not only XP but actually giving you temporal BRS boosts to climb the leaderboards through big gaming events!