All Waalls Matter

Now with the knowledge of how large spillovers will be, we can see the importance of waalls and how they could help landowners capture those alchemica as they rain down from above. With the prospect of more waalls being built, so does the prospect of “lawless” gotchi wandering the Gotchiverse leaving a path of destruction in their wake. The current mechanics would allow them to go around destroying waalls with impunity because (1) landowners will not be online 24hrs to protect their parcels and (2) IF they were indeed online, the current PVP restrictions in the citadel would just force them to watch as their waalls were being breathed. I am proposing some possible solutions to help deal with this situation, whether its a single one or a combination of a few. The first being that waalls should GIVE damage as well as receive it. We could scale the damage given to only be a second of “sprinting” damage a gotchi receives when sprinting between two points. Second proposal is that waalls should have a small “healing over time” that scales as the level of the waall increases. Lastly we re-look the non-PVP in the citadel. We could possibly have the existence of waalls on a parcel make its interior PVP enabled. We could have the parcel’s owner’s gotchi, or a trusted 3rd party’s gotchi that has been given “defender” rights, be able to engage these gotchi in PVP ONLY on their parcel. Out of all three suggestions IMO this would be the most difficult to implement but would be the best “play style” solution.
If anyone has any other ideas or would like to discuss the ones i mention, please comment below.

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I recall hearing Waalls within the Citaadel are just disabled when another gotchi is trying to enter the parcel. I don’t think the Waalls are destroyed, unless it’s by a Lickquidator. I’m not sure if the same applies to parcels in the Grid.

It’s good to discuss these aspects either way so we can learn and make more informed decisions when Grid parcels are released.

Will the “disabled” waalls cost alchemica to “enable” them once again? As far as the grid goes, pvp will help keep your waalls a little safer. LOL i could picture landowners shooting at anything that gets too close to their waalls :sweat_smile:

I like the idea of PVP enabled, for 30 minutes, or till dead, on anyone that damages your walls.

“Stand your ground” is legit law in the real world… seems appropriate here.

It also sets up a system where people could duel, if they want to, by hitting the other persons wall, to start the fight.

Protruding through a wall (as well as a potential destroying/disabeling of a wall) should inflict an AP-cost on the agent (Gotchi/Lick).

Just attacking the waall will cost action points, I am suggesting that as the gotchi attack that the waall inflict a small damage equal to that particular gotchi using the “sprint” movement for one second. Now the damage that gotchi inflicts depends on if they are bare handed or have a weapon.

What if the Gotchi had ranged weapon, would there still be returned wall damage.

Yes because the waall was attacked. If it helps, think of it as an undodgeable reflective damage that happens whenever a waall is attacked regardless of what weapon is used. :grin: