Use % of Spillover for PvP Arena

This idea stems from the “Keeping the status quo of disabled spillover for a while” discussion (Keeping the status quo of disabled spillover for a while).

What I’d like to propose is for us to allocate a portion of the alchemica spillover and introduce a PvP Arena. I’m open to suggestions on the amount from the spillover that could be allocated towards this, but I think ~20% is a reasonable ask. We could use one of the districts where Land hasn’t been sold yet and allow for fast travel to this area. This area would be dedicated to PvP and alchemica would randomly drop, making PvP even more engaging and fun. Once you exit the designated area, PvP mechanics stop.

Seeing as how we ran into issues when PvP was enabled during one of the stress tests, I’m unclear on the feasability of this. We may have to limit how many gotchis can enter the Arena to make sure the servers can handle the amount of physics taking place.

But adding this extra mechanic now would be a big boon to our ecosystem as there is currently so little to do besides channel your gotchi or aimlessly wander around looking for “gems.” Introducing a temporary dedicated PvP area within the existing CItaadel seems like something we could potentially do to help keep people engaged, at least until Harvesting is released. But even after that, I feel this addition would be worthwhile.


PVP arena was planned for after harvesters and lodges. It’s the first thing outside the citadel door. we need to get past the rest of the land upgrades before we get there :frowning:

But yes… clearly the Aarena is the golden ticket to this being a full blown competitive game that has more going on than just farming things. No need to put the alch in it… we’re supposed to play for our spirit force. It’s like racing for pink slips, except you just take what’s in the glove box :smiley:

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