An Aavegotchi Instagram-alike feed

I think that there should be an in-game section where people can post their most fashionable Gotchis or the Gotchis they like the most.

There are some alternatives already but they are not specifically for “sharing the best pictures” purposes.:

  • Leaderboards: You just can see the leaders of the three categories and their wearables are for climbing the ranking lists. You have to browse from page to page day by day and maybe the gotchis with the most interesting suits are in 4k or 5k ranks or not even in the leaderboards.

  • “Gotchi explorer” or external sources like they are not in-game, and cannot have a caption like a social media

  • Baazaar: Usually for people who search for their best gotchis for farming

An interface like this should focus on:

  • Sharing pictures of gotchis with outrageous wearables. Or they can be fun, cool, cringe, or weird to watch.

  • Being a place for people to get relax or become creative.

  • Being a place to share the love or get admiration from people

  • A place for activity or competition

That’s the idea. Hope you guys like it!


I like this idea because it adds a new dynamic to the game. I have often found myself admiring a gotchi’s with cool wearables even though their rarity score might not be high. It would also increase demand for low-value wearables specifically for aesthetic purposes.

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Thank you! Your points even make it better!