An experimental micro-haunt on ETH mainnet

As you’ve all recently seen, the Aavegotchi bridge is alive and kicking and our gotchis have come home to their ancestral land. Rarible has been putting up some great action for us, and we’ve seen some very strong and at times very… surprising… sales. Our ETH ape friends have the mentality to join into the fray, but the gotchiverse is quite hard to get a grasp on unless you start from the very beginning with a portal of your own.

With this in mind, and with the frankly absurd demand for NFT drops on ETH ever since we launched on our little polygon corner somewhere early March, I wanted to put a proposal out there to kill two lickquidators with one stone. We could not only give new ETH frens hands-on experience with our ecosystem and everything it entails, but we could also capture new market shares and greater publicity for our little metaverse right as the Realm presales are hitting us, S2 rarity farming kicks off, and the start of the rental and aarcade system is unveiled to us.

Problem: There is a very large userbase and a lot of liquidity on the Ethereum network, but many of them are unable or unwilling to come over to Polygon, furthermore, it is hard to get “hooked” on Aavegotchi and have that sense of wonder and exploration when all you’re seeing is a dry interface on Opensea or Rarible

Solution: an experimental haunt of a smaller size (between 1000-5000 portals or so), perhaps we name it H3, perhaps we name it an intermediary of sorts. This haunt would follow the STANDARD degen model of first come, first serve, for maximum ape effect and it would TAKE PLACE ON ETHEREUM. Alternatively, GBM style is possible instead of FCFS if the gas fees are surmountable (seems very difficult on ETH unless bids were a single approval TX followed by signing only?)

Suggestions, additions, angry mobs all welcome.
See you in the gotchiverse!


A small experimental Haunt for Halloween with GHST collateral aavegotchis included- one can dream!

I like the idea- and would probably support generous usage of treasury funds for marketing and promotion to make sure such a haunt would get the proper eyes and attention.


The GHST collateral could be a speedy add even if the polygon AAVE governance bridge ran into trouble shipping in time, because we’d have main-net to cover our back. The Halloween timing too. Forget about 2 lickquidators with 1 stone, we’re clearing the entire map at once.


Revisit when the time is proper to consider additional spirit force. h2 is an ongoing success thanks to governance & discourse like this. Revisit after new spirit forces appear & alchemica, age & liquidators are established in the gotchiverse.
Bring holiday surprises;)

Skip for now. We just 2.5x the number of gotchis in existence with h2 and bringing a small batch in h3 could further push h2 and h1 prices down through a combination of inflation (more gotchis) and increased rarity (less h3 then any other groups) it also has potential to see bugs or issues with br because we are working on a new chain and it will be mostly profiting current etherium mainnet whales not gotchi holders or gotchi community (they have the funds sitting ready to go and they would be the ones bidding massive values and getting these new extremely limited release assets).

At the end of the day it seems to risky and potentially will not expand awareness of gotchi enough to be useful to the community. We already have a massive gotchi banner on rarible and the team and community are getting the word out. Let’s wait till the gotchiverse is ready and the loans are available and then let the news of the successful project be what grows our ecosystem through a more natural process rather than a money grab hype release that will benefit the wealthy eth community rather than the dedicated gotchi community.

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Perhaps a tried and tested third haunt on Polygon with 50k portals before S2 would be better? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Would be better but still terrible idea

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Very glad you could clear that up for us lmao great talk.

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The goal is on the money: adoption should be our top prio right now and H2 didn’t get the job done to the extent that it could have been. If we don’t start achieving this, the realm will be awfully quiet.

That being said, we’ve got to be pretty careful here.

  1. Core proposals aren’t easy to birth. We need to spec it out in a way we believe will actually have support. 5000 portals is likely going to see major backlash. 1000 might get by.
  2. The format can’t be a degen sale. Whales don’t care about gas fees. They’ll eat them all up and our gotchigang won’t be much bigger when all is said and done. We’d need to be clever, probably to an extent that would require material dev work.

Can we offer anything other than portals? Land maybe? There are 20k parcels being gobbled up this month. Could this proposal instead aim to reallocate some amount of the parcels to be sold on Ethereum? We would avoid backlash from people terrified of the prospect that they might not sell their gotchi for 1 million GHST by next April. We would be directly advertising the selling point of the game rn which is the realm.

Better yet, we could offer only grid parcels on Ethereum. If you want a plot in the high castle you come participate on Polygon.


I would argue that launching on both chains would further support our legitimacy in the eyes of the Eth users that have not traversed to L2. Perhaps in the future the ETH native gotchis could traverse the bridge to join other haunts on L2 ie incentivizing cross chain movement. I love this one.


I think there’s a good idea in here but imo to launch a micro-haunt isn’t the best solution. As mentioned, it would create a highly scarce haunt that is rarer by 10x than H1. Maybe when we get to H3 we consider breaking off 25% of them to launch on main net.

Given the surge in prices across the whole ecosystem lately, I reckon H3 won’t be too far in the future anyhow :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I agree with notorious. peeling off part of H3, or even even dropping part of h3 on mainnet soon and wait to auction off the rest at a later date on polygon would be preferable to creating a “super rare” haaunt geared towards a few gas guzzling plebs.

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Any new launch cannot be scarcer than haunt 1. Not a fan of this idea at all.

As an incentive, we could have something like a wearbles only event for gotchis that have been bridged. Airdropped to those gotchis.