Proposal for a New Haunt Immediately

You know what happened.


yes lets do it immediately


yes do it now. we must support the community


Yes. But is there a patch to the amount of failed transactions? If the new haunt will result in this much frustrated users, i absolutely prefer it to have a good reputation than too many haunts. (ps: i couldnt cop one myself)


F…ing unfair.

All portals go to Merchant and they are listed for sale, making money.

No one cares about playing Aavegotchi.

The real users got stuck with the transaction.

If there will be the next sale, blacklist the address that already purchased. Make portals available for users who wanna play.


Let’s GOOOOOO !!!


I failed my transaction because of double approvation !!!

I’m so frustrateeeeeeeeed AFFFFFFFF !!!

total BS - should not be able to buy more than 1 portal per wallet address… now its all being resold for fortunes…


Yes, how can I vote for this with my ghst?

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Ok i propose a new haunt with the following rules in order to stop the bleeding. Many people will sell GHST and the games could definitely be fucked up.
I propose multiple haunts to make up for it :

  • First one only for at least 1 week old GHST holders, max 2 portals per wallet. 50% discount, compensated by treasury.
  • Second one for everyone with the rule i proposed at first DAO : 1 portal per wallet per day. then more portals per wallet every 24hours until sold out.

same here. i would prefer feel confident we’ll have less examples of this than owning a gotchi. But i think the Gens should not increase until this friction is not fixed. That would be unfair to ppl that couldnt buy because of errors.

MORE PORTALS NOW. I had to buy from the bazzar at ten times the price.

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I did that proposal previously… And i still think it’s not perfect but certainly better than the total failure we saw today

Sad that people involved since the beginning couldn’t get one Gotchi. Very easy to find the people that are aagent on the Aavegotchi discord.

Allow users that approved ghost and attempted to buy portals, but ended up with a failed transaction due to scarcity to purchase 5 portals at 100 GHST per portal.


do you need to stake usdc on the gotchi’s to name them and play?

Yep there should be another haunt.

I had my transaction confirmed, but got zero portals. I went on the baazaar after that and bought one, it showed up in my portals, then disappeared and the money came back. Really weird. Like the guy above, I ended up getting 1 portal for 10 times the original price.

Yeah, it is absurd that whales bought every portal and just listed them for 20k GHST immediately. There is no way a sustainable community can grow from this type of distribution. I doubt most portal owners will ever even open it to play the game like many of us intended to. I’m bummed.

You should reward people who were here for the initial launch by going back and resubmitting and APPROVING all the failed transactions.

We ALL wanted one, we all were here, we all followed all instructions and were denied. Now we have to look at 10X prices on the bazaar, rewarding our efforts.


Yes, 10,000 more with a max of 5 portals. Can’t believe how unfair that launch was.

Now people are trying to sell for 10x - 20x more, makes me sick. I know we here to make money but jheez, where’s the humaninty gone in this world?

MF gonna get my kid a AAVEGOTCHI and all you greedy degens wanted to buy them all.

Sincerley & dissapointingly