Proposing Haunt 2 aauction for July

The AavegotchiDAO has a growing number of responsibilities but maintaining the appropriate supply of Aavegotchis in existence remains the absolute primary. It is impressive that, unlike so many DAOs, ours is not a rubber stamp. “Supply by consensus” is an approach that has been taken seriously as seen with the first H2 CoreProp not voting for a second Haunt just a few months ago.

Today, the development roadmap and achievements of the project are at a different place, so I’d like to kick off discussion on a new SigProp that Pixelcraft Studios is introducing for a potential Haunt 2 in July.

Here are a few examples of how circumstances are different from the previous proposal:

  • “First Come First Serve” model is replaced by GBM bid-to-earn auctions.

  • Aave is now live on Polygon and that means natively minted amToken collaterals for new Spirit Force options; possibly amGHST included!

  • The Gotchiverse Realm is well under construction offering more reasons to own an Aavegotchi.

  • The Polygon network has since 100X’d (armchair estimate) and it’s time for Aavegotchis to be something every Polygon user encounters and can consider easily acquiring.

These are just some of the differences that lead us to believe now is the right time to go forward with Haunt 2. Now, let’s add to this list and also use this forum to raise concerns and opposing views. A forthcoming SigProp will soon link back to this discussion and it boils down to whether we should do H2 soon and also how many Portals should be included.

1. What do you think about a Haunt 2 aauction this July?
2. What do you think about the proper supply of Portals for Haunt 2?


1. What do you think about a Haunt 2 aauction this July?

Let’s do it.

2. What do you think about the proper supply of Portals for Haunt 2?

I am good with another 10k to 20k gotchis added in haunt 2. During the community call, you mentioned the potential for smaller haunts with more frequency to achieve the spreading of the Gospel of Gotchi efficiently. If we did go with smaller haunts, how often would we have new haunts? Would we also have new rarity farming seasons with each haunt?

Either way, bring on Haunt 2!


1. What do you think about a Haunt 2 aauction this July?
I’m concerned about not having the slightest idea about the price, due to the auction system. It is a good system, but it makes me worry whether I can afford both an H2 Portal, and a plot in the Q2 realm presale. The realm plot would be more important to me. Could we at least get an indication of the number of plots that are going to be available on the Q2 presale? If I save my money (aka don’t buy an H2 portal), just to end up not being able to afford a plot in the Q2 presale either (because there might only be like 10 plots available or something) then that would make me really sad.

2. What do you think about the proper supply of Portals for Haunt 2?
I think no Haunt should feature less portals than H1. That would be a bit odd. But smaller batches, more frequently, seems better for adoption. Could H2 arrive in intervals? Some might get here early, then two weeks later some more, then two weeks later even more. But they all belong to H2?

  1. The number of REALM parcels available in Presale #1 will assuredly be over 10. Confidently more than 10,000 as well.

  2. I agree that no Haunt should be smaller than H1. During yesterday’s call I did offhandedly mention that we can have Haunts 3, 4, 5 quite rapidly in the future but my personal meaning was referencing an intent for mass adoption. ie The game is on fire with entire households and heads of state adopting gotchis. Achieving that demand would justify needing to mint more Haunts more frequently.

I dont think spreading H2 out in intervals makes sense unless they are pre-minted, as multiple minting sessions would technically mean multiple Haunts. I’d assume just call each interval another Haunt with its own mints at that point.


It is definitely time for Haaunt 2! Numerous potential users have been ready for months.

I believe there should be at least two to three times the amount of portals than Haaunt 1 had available. 25k seemed to be the amount most desired last time we voted, I think even slightly more would be warranted.

I’d also recommend a test run for some items prior to releasing portals through this GBM auction model. The community should be able to feel completely comfortable and ready to go upon the date of Haaunt 2.

I’m excited to participate in another Haaunt, especially if we have access to new collaterals! :partying_face:


I wonder if it’s best to have a certain haunt be focused on “mass adoption”, where there is just a massive amount of portals and it’s super hyped. Perhaps integrated with the realm launch, or parcel purchases? Focusing on hyping up this one main “mass adoption” sale where we really bring everything to the masses seems wise to me.

That said, perhaps a haaunt 2 in short order (before parcels) has a different focus, and is a neat mid-summer bit of excitement while these other things are in development. It’s a good way to explore the aauction models discussed, and this is in the spirit of continued experimentation with NFT-distribution game-theory.

  1. If there’s a broader “mass-adoption” haaunt later in the year (or very frequent haaunts), my vote is actually to not bloat the supply very high for #2 in July, but I am for it happening.

  2. I’m content with 25k portals, with unique features like the aauction metadata present for H2 gotchis/portals, or exploring new collaterals.

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1. What do you think about a Haunt 2 aauction this July?
The sooner the better! The aauctions seem great in concept, but I can see scenarios where whales bid up the price leaving a lot of people with just GHST and not a Portal.

2. What do you think about the proper supply of Portals for Haunt 2?
No less than 10k, but preferably not higher than 25k. We can always vote for additional Haunts.

The higher the number of portals, the higher the S2 Rewards will be. And we shouldn’t cap the Reward Pool if we’re going to sell more Portals in this Haunt. If there will be a cap, it should be declared at the same time as H2.

I think most of the community also wants to know the Team’s plans for Wearables in H2. This could affect the way people vote, so it should be discussed openly now that Haunt 2 discussions are underway.

  1. Haunt 2 in july sounds good! There seems to be users on the sideline waiting for it. It will help to keep the momentum going. It also means new wearables which means more activity

  2. 25K or 50k sounds like a good number to make them less rare (i.e. more affordable) to attract new users. New collaterals will also help differentiate them. On that topic, allowing both maTokens and amTokens of a type might be the way to go since Aave transition is still in progress.

  3. it will make the realm more inhabited thus providing more gameplay opportunities

  1. I definitely think July is a great time for Haunt 2

  2. I believe there should be at least 25k portals

  1. Should have Haunt 2 aauction immediately, if possible, need to strike when the iron is hot!

  2. The number of supply depends on the overall demand at that moment, which will eventually affect the bid prices in aauction, this needs to be carefully estimated to avoid creating a high price wall, question is how do we get an accurate estimate of the actual demand? i would say keep it the same as H1 at 10K.


1. What do you think about a Haunt 2 aauction this July?

Yes! Haunt 2 ASAP. We are definitely ready!

2. What do you think about the proper supply of Portals for Haunt 2?

10k min/25k max portals sounds about right. Also would like to openly discuss wearable ratios depending on # of portals!


Exciting times! Before fully vesting my opinion, I’d want to read properly the new auction system being implemented. Will there be a Medium article coming soon?

  1. July - great!
  2. 10k - 15k maximum. I’d rather see more haunts than a huge increase in portals. It’s important to keep the supply less than the demand. When you look at the total supply vs just the haunt itself, a 10k haunt doubles the total supply. A 50k haunt 6x’es the total supply.

I think it’s also important we revisit the uniqueness of each haunt. I feel each haunt should have its own flavour. Most collectibles have different editions with unique characteristics and I think aavegotchi needs to be the same!

If we don’t have uniqueness for each haunt and go with a huge haunt 2, I suspect we’ll see a price implosion on haunt 1 portals.

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Good discussion points being raised here.

Regarding uniqueness for H2, it could mean all H2 spirit force comes from Polygon’s amTokens (as opposed to H1’s maTokens). A look at their platform’s current offerings shows:

If H2 spirit force includes Polygon ONLY collaterals we’d have 5 familiar (DAI, USDC, USDT, ETH and AAVE) as well as 2 or 3 new (WBTC, MATIC and maybe GHST).

I think these two points (amTokens and new spirit force themes) qualifies as a pretty unique Haunt but is there something else you mean by unique characteristics?


I like the collateral uniqueness for sure and I think it’s a great idea, but that ultimately won’t work across all haunts. I 100% support the Polygon only pairings. We are, after all, besties with Matic :slight_smile:

I was mostly circling back around to the unique BG that was proposed some months ago. I don’t remember the exact outcome to be honest but when I look at other collectibles, there is typically some uniqueness to each generation ie: Pokemon red, yellow, etc. The unique BG is a fantastic way to implement uniqueness at the vanity level and I feel each haunt should have one and be in line with whatever that haunt’s wearables are. Haunt 2 for example could have some kind of steampunk/vr bg. Haunt 1 could be the opening of the whole experience. The realm haunt could have some bg involving the opening of the world, etc.

I don’t want to derail the discussion too much into this, but I do think it’s important to know how haunts will be differentiated and to what degree. Aavegotchi is this unique cross section between playable and collectible. Just my two sats. :pray:t3:


1. What do you think about a Haunt 2 aauction this July?
July sounds good! but I’m worried about getting burned with the auctions.
Before if you managed to buy you’d know 100% sure you bought it at a good price so you could throw money at it without worry.
but now i risk buying something for 3x more than it’s actually worth and getting burned…
Or most likely i will get nothing… even if i gain some ghst in return i don’t want ghst, i want a gotchi.
I don’t know how this auction will work but most auctions end up in someone paying far too much for something… And i really can’t afford to pay 500+ ghst for portals.

2. What do you think about the proper supply of Portals for Haunt 2?
25k, i think the matic network has grown enough to easily see far more hype than the last haunt had.
I also think this may be a good opportunity to see a large influx of new people.

  1. Yes please!

  2. I’d stick to 10k per haunt, and would prefer to do more haunts if necessary rather than increasing the supply of each haunt. Don’t worry H1 owners, even if the supply is the same, H1 will always be H1. Not a big fan of auctions for portals, but open to explore options that are hopefully better than the initial launch or the mall drops.

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1. What do you think about a Haunt 2 aauction this July?
It’s definitely time for Haunt 2! I have friends (and members of my GotchiGang) who are waiting in the wings to enter Aavegotchi, but lack the funds to pay for Portals or Gotchi’s in the Baazaar, so they are waiting for Haunt 2.

2. What do you think about the proper supply of Portals for Haunt 2?
I absolutely agree with many of the comments already that there should never be less than the supply of Portals in future Haunts that were made available in Haunt 1. I think a matching sliding scale could be appropriate (Haunt 1 = 10,000, Haunt 2 = 20,000, Haunt 3 = 30,000, etc.), but that would also be dependent on how Aavegotchi scales in the future.


The special background for all H1 gotchis (and no background for H2) did pass its vote a couple months ago. I should have mentioned that because it is definitely is a good point when discussing the various ways Haunt 1 will be unique.

We’ve just got to get it implemented. The idea being to deliver right around the time H2 is confirmed as on the way.


I would like to ask about the GBM bid-to-earn auctions.
Is it ‘first come first bid’ that everyone needs to rush in order to make a first bid ? How will the bid order be arranged?


I own 4 gotchis, and I strongly believe in the importance of maintaining elevated rarity for Haunt 1 gotchis, but the growth and onboarding of new users is critical to the continued success of Aavegotchi. I can’t find many friends who are willing to spend $500+ USD on buying a gotchi. There must be gotchis available for a substantially lesser market price, especially as we assume the price of GHST will increase in future. I think the $100-$200 would be a great median target for haunt 2 gotchi resales.

Haunt 1 gotchis should be distinguished by

  1. background,
  2. significantly smaller issuance than future haunts
  3. some x factor like higher BRS average or something, or separate pool of rarity farming rewards for “genesis” aka haunt 1 gotchis only

If haunt 2 is 20k portals, that’s only 2x as rare and not as distinguishing in rarity IMO. I think this next haunt should open to much wider adoption, with 50K portals to ensure resale market of haunt 2 gotchis allows for onboarding new users at substantially lower costs.

  1. YAY on aauction this July
  2. 50K portals on Haunt 2