Launch Proposal: 2nd Genesis Haunt by Sat. March 6th {10k Drop. 1-2 per txn.}

There is a high volume of Aavegotchi enthusiasts feeling left out and jaded over the launch today. It seems that most feel the need to obtain an Aavegotchi for themselves as soon as possible. The Devs have repeatedly stated in the Discord today and in previous discussions that it is our decision to make whether we have another Haunt immediately or at a later date.

Let us organize ourselves and decide how soon we would like this to happen. I propose we aim for this weekend. And because of the nature of concerns we’re seeing, let’s tailor it towards the enthusiasts looking to get involved by possibly limiting the transactions to a minimum of 1 or 2. This is about involvement at this point and not profiting.
i.e. Maybe we could also choose to implement a limitation where the next Haunt’s Gotchi’s cannot be traded until after a certain period of time. Let’s have a healthy discussion. The Devs are kind enough to place power in our hands so lets help them create an environment to be proud of.

Be respectful and thoughtful with your ideas. Constructive input only please.

Continuing the discussion from Proposal for a New Haunt Immediately:

  • Exclude all the addresses that bought portals from Haunt 1
  • Only 1 portal per transaction.
  • Haunt 1 and Haunt 2 Portal must be identical in rarity or trait or whatever it is.

That’s my opinion, about how to fix this situation and give something return to members who’re here since started period. Otherwise, it’s not worth 6-8 months royalty at all.


It sounds like any new Portals will always have the same chances of rarity!


Might not true, from the pic there is one attribute stated the haunt no. which can be some significant detail for Aavegotchi.

Then if getting Haunt 2 portal is not the same as Haunt 1, it’s worthless.


That has to do with speculative rarity. If Haunt 1 and 2 are from the same period of time (Genesis), then they will most likely still have the same demand.

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Definitely limit the amount of portals each user could get. Whales don’t really care about the more expensive price per portal because the portals will always be +EV. Even if the portals are 500GHST each, they could easily resell them at 1k GHST right after, so for those with capital, there really isn’t much risk involved.

Limiting portal purchase to 1 or 2 per account will allow better exposure to more people in general, and allow for a more vast fanbase to kick off Aavegotchi right.


Somebody mentioned that a dump of ghts would be iminent. Presale releasing or smthng. Could be smart to do the second haunt before to avoid whales churning on portals.

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It was voted on. Whales are gonna whale. And if another Haunt is approved via another vote, you better believe the whales are going to run the Vote again and make it so they can buy 25 portals per transaction :wink:


It’s not worthless, they serve the same purpose.
You’re obviously looking to get something you can flip for cheaper than market price.
If you do put so much value on the “Haunt: 1”, just buy one of those.


things i would like to see from the secondary launch,

  • direct value add to original gotchis, whether its future wearable drops in perpetuity or other protocol distributed rewards, rarity/xp boost, visual indication of original haunt could be shinyness/could be badge, tattoo be creative.
  • maximization of participation and users so that we build the bank of the limitless future. ways to do this mean max number of people get a portal at price floor to build overall value of community.
    -maximization of value preservation original haunt gotchis forget souring people who have one how about people who already bought one at increased value. limit of portals to 2 and make them cheaper to allow more involvement and capitalize on launch attention for user growth. this will create inherent value add to original launch as a specialty release.
  • maximize community investment, community growth, user growth, user investment…
    this a win win win win guys.

aagents to the moon.


This black tuesday sale showed the flaws of current system. And unfortunately, rich got richer again!


Limiting to 1-2 transactions is a great idea. Everyone who wants to be in the first season should be able.


The cap should be 1 I think and only new wallets that held GHST before first launch should qualify. Sound?


What you’re doing is just insisting that you don’t miss out on anything. If Aavegotchi is solely about becoming a future cryptopunk scale collectible that you can sell as a first generation one day in the future for epic profit then yes you are missing out. But why shouldn’t you be missing out? I have friends who all did exactly the same thing on launch - some got a portal and some didnt. Whatever qualms there are about the launch and allocations and whales etc etc (I take nothing away from said qualms) there are always going to be the people that miss out.


March 6th! No way this is definitely too early


This is a great proposal, I’d like to have another chance at getting a portal for 100GHST and playing the game before season 1 starts (I’ve been here from the beginning, I’m an aagent but I just can’t spend more money on buying GHST, fees, etc. I just have a 100 GHST in my balance and that’s all I’m willing to spend right now).

I hope those who are upset because we are asking for another chance (I don’t care about haunt 1, it can be haunt 10 for all I care, as long as it’s before the game starts and can get the 500 XP from the agip vote) realize that rare Aavegotchi’s will always be rare, but the game is worthless without new players, growth is essential. There is demand right now, that’s clear, but I see lots of people worrying about the speculative aspect of this, when in the long run, more Aavegotchi’s and more players will actually give more value to their Haunt 1 portals/gotchis.

That said, and after the whole event, I feel that it needs to be somehow fixed. It was fair, no one is saying the opposite, but it’s still frustrating for many people who have been supportive of this project and want to be part of it all. The community is obviously divided, and this is something that the devs wanted to be important from the beginning, a strong community. Besides, best marketing nowadays is still word of mouth.

So, to those who managed to get gotchis and portals in Haunt 1, congrats truly! But we are together in this, support us and let new potential players get their hands on a portal (and yes, they could buy at the bazaar, but 100 GHST + collateral + fees is already quite inaccessible for many people around the world). This will be good for everyone and for the project, it’s not all about speculation.

Best regards Frens!


If I am wrong, someone please correct me.

It wasn’t necessarily fair, in the sense that those who bought from the shop first could approve there before portals came for sale. So, most of us ended up with ”approving” as we watched the quantity of portals go down. Also, I was also under the impression that gas price did not need to be adjusted as the transaction was handled via biconomy. Increasing gas ended up making a huge difference. It wasn’t stated officially in the announcement, but rather said in discord, so I’ll take that as a learning lesson.

Anyways, I am sure many knew of these beforehand, and of course got an advantage. I was going through some transactions today, and noticed someone was able to get 3x25 transactions through. While here we are, with nothing.

I am sure many would say it is all fair and we had and equal opportunity. But as someone who was there right on time, tried to buy one portal, with transaction successful while there were almost 1500 gotchis remaining(I checked the block details) but token not transferred for some reason. And then seeing portals immediately turned into quick profit (and even more long term), it does not seem fair.

I am quite new here and don’t deserve a gotchi as much as many of you that’s been here for a long time and dedicated time and effort. But hope to get an aavegotchi eventually, they look awesome! (And no, I cannot afford to buy from Bazaar unless the price drops down considerably)

But in a way I am grateful, as this is a prime example of the value of information and one more reason to educate ourselves.

P.S. This is not meant to be a rant or anything. I just tend to see this huge inequality in crypto and the words ”fair” and ”equal” used way too often, when in too many cases, it is just the uninformed being manipulated by the informed. I would like to say I don’t understand why the gap was set to 25 portals in the first place, but I kind of do… and not because it was ”fair” or ”equal”


I agree, but want to amend this to 20k portals, that should theoretically increase the value of haunt 1 portals due to scarcity.