Barter section in Bazaar

I’d like to be able to put up a package of items/tickets/gotchis, and say what I’m looking to get for them, and have this be automated.

This would enable us to do seamless swaps and possibly avoid taxable events when simply rebalancing our items into more efficient loadouts.

Possible implementation -

  1. Create package button in Bazaar - it just creates a container that you can name, and you set what you are trying to get for it now. This goes first, because it’s live from the get go. If someone WANTED to, they could just give you the stuff when it’s empty, so maybe make package creation require putting something in it first, but this would require giving us a list of everything we own. A ‘My packages’ section in the Bazaar would be less coding.

  2. Add to package buttons in the my items, my gotchis, my realm, my portals pages. You can keep adding as you go and sweetening the deal, but you cannot remove from the package without deleting the package and starting over, as this could lead to shady behaviors like people adding and removing hot items in the hopes of someone accidentally missing the change.

  3. (optional) A make offer button, where you can offer someone an alternative to what they are requesting. Like… if their request included a sushi knife but you have the axe instead… same thing, and they probably want it, but it’s not quite the same, or maybe they wanted a gotchi with at least 530 brs, 200 kin, and 300 xp, and you have a 540 thats never been petted but has all its points.

Options for the demands…

Either make it very basic and just say what items you want and your min BRS/Kin/XPstats for the gotchis/open portals OR make it more general and people set min/max values for each stat and a total boost value per stat you are looking for with the items, and disallow duplicate placement zones(1 each zone, 2 for hands)

ADVANCED TAXTIC - Make the backend code sell each item to the other person for 1GHST, so the taxable event comes out as a loss. Do not include these swap sales in the item price estimation calculations.

Fees would be… .1 GHST to create package, .1 ghst to add to package, 1GHST goes into escrow for each item you are requesting or offering.