Trading Category + Offer Option

Greetings frens!

I am Bren on the Telegram channel (TG Helper) and I have been playing the game since release every day! I’ve came up with an idea that I believe will be a great feature for everyone to use and it will bring safety to the players since some people are risking trading items through “trust”

So here goes!

We have Closed Portals, Open Portals, Aavegotchis, Wearables, Activity, My Listing and My Sales. And hopefully in the future a tab for TRADING.

Here, similar to the Aavegotchis tab, you can view all sorts of different trades people are willing to do. For example. “Wallet A” will trade a 555 gotchi for “this godlike item” etc.

Some may offer to trade a closed portal for two open portals, or an aavegotchi, or an item. You see the point!

I think this would be a super cool feature to have! I’d love to hear others opinions about it.

Secondly the Offer option.

I think this would also be a great feature. Everyone lists their wearable, portal, or gotchis for a certain price. I think it would be neat for the seller to be able to receive OFFERS on the item they listed and can either accept or decline the offer.

Well that’s all for now guys! It was a quick write up since I’m at work and the boss is around somewhere…

Hope to see you all around on Telegram and in game!



Thanks for the great suggestions. “Bidding” is definitely something we’d like to include in future versions of the Baazaar contracts. It takes a little more R&D but definitely would be nice to have.

Atomic trading would also be super cool, but it’ll take some thinking of how to set it up properly. The most basic version would be a simple, “I have X item(s), and I’d like X item(s)” for it. That probably wouldn’t be too difficult to implement.


Derp, I just made this idea too… I think mine is a lil more fleshout, though.