Gotchi Community Gaardens!

Grab Your Hoe and Bag of Seeds Frens!


I’ve been using the honeycomb yield farm app that just launched over on xdai – and I know that they are launching a port of that app on polygon.

I wake up in the morning, and check my portfolio there, and then I harvest a little bit of the yield token that I have accumulated in the last day, and then I decide where to re-invest those funds into other LPs.

My basic strategy right now is to grow a [AGVE-HNY LP] “Gaarden Patch”, because I am bullish on the long term value increase of these, I have committed to a locked LP for X Days to increase my LP Rewards.

My xComb Tokens [pComb on Polygon, when it launches], are harvested, and then I am re-investing those into another “Gaarden Patch” [xComb - wXDai], every day, with a set target date lock for re-evaluation, where the target date locking decreases as I reach it, per accumulation, so the end release date is the same.

[Basically Manually compounding + strategy allocation of rewards Yield Farming.]


In an ideal sort of situation, I’d like to see art assets for these.

Do you have a 2 figure, 3 figure, 4 figure or 5 figure investment?
Different size plants.
Different progressions in maturity for locked up period times.
You can see all of your plants together in the same sort of perspective as you would get during REALM – so eventually you can do this in the REALM.

But for now, it’s just like the standard gotchi ux.


Basically, I’ve discovered that I need additional reasons to pet my gotchi each day – and I’ve just invested my portfolio over in those LPs on xdai honeycomb.

I get up in the morning, and I check to see what my balances are, and I check to see what the harvested rewards are, and then I harvest, and re-allocate, and then I go about my day.

If I could pet my gotchi at the same time – while doing these activities with my gotchi – I would totally do that.

Gotchi Community Gaardens == Gotchi Yield Farm with Pixel Art and seasonal earning strategies.



I love this!!! I think this is a phenomenal idea. Let’s do it!


Sort of viewed as a Stardew Valley kind of farming, where you grow your NFT crops, cross-pollinate/breeding or even using your collateral type to boost your farming power.
Overall I’m quite hyped for it.


Yea, i was also inspired by harvest moon concepts, but the very first iterations can simply be a riff on the main aavegotchi pet me screen.

Really its just a gotchi UI for a yield farm dapp. But you plug into different farms.

You would go. [play] - [community gaardens] - [honeycomb]

And then the UI to start would just be a gotchi correlated yield farm concept of the same app.

If you wanted it to be more you could integrate NFTs or more farms, but mostly you just need to attach art assets to actions and LP positions and timelocks.

A super clean version would include nft lp positions like uni v3. With a unique gotchi yield farm dapp.

But if you are just plugging into a v2 dapp like honeycomb or onsen - then you dont need really expansive setup. And you dont need to focus on building liquidity, just providing gotchis for users of that dapp. And making sure there are occasional updates for new pairs.

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I have never used xdai chain before. What assets do I need to bridge in order to test?

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Pick up some dai and go to the xpolinate bridge.

It will convert to xdai and then you can test out honeycomb.

They are launching a version of it on polygon within a couple of weeks. So you wont need to bridge at that time.

All of the assets you need to test can be found through links on their interface.


Technically there could be yield farm integrations of any dapp.

And they could be extremely simple.

For instance - enoki defi club on mainnet has got some music and some pixel art and some mushroom themed yield farm. — they are also integrating into a game soon, i think. So says their twitter.

So gotchi could fork that easy enough and have their own sort of instance of it.

I think there may be more value at this point in the game for projects to start connecting into other communities in a way that benefits both projects, and pcomb is launching soon, and i like the 1hive vibe as well as the other xdai dao communities.

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yeah lets go!! sounds good

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