2023 Spain/Portugal Bicycle Adventure Lap - 35-45 days - Sponsorship/Partnership

Hello comrades, in Aavegotchi Web3 I am known as Hustli [8748], owner of Spacious Realm 8144 in District 2, fellow player for already longer than 2 years, also known as Network_Hustler, never ever didn’t doxxed yet but in real life, I am someone different and soon you might get to know.


As a 28-year-old adventurer, I have a rich background in exploration, which includes walking on foot across the entirety of Poland – a feat that took 103 days and earned me a spot on national television. I have also undertaken a bicycle journey from Poland to Venice, Italy, traversing Slovakia, Hungary, and Croatia within 33 days, in addition to a leisurely ride from Poland to Amsterdam. I have a growing fanbase in Poland across Facebook and Instagram who eagerly anticipate my content. This time, I’m embarking on an adventure in Spain with three beginner friends. Our plan is to encircle the entire country, including Portugal, solely using bicycles while camping in the wild.


The intention is not just to complete an adventurous journey but also to create an engaging narrative that brings together diverse communities, with Aavegotchi at the heart of the story. Despite Aavegotchi’s main characters being ghosts, this adventure is about celebrating life and living it to the fullest, and I believe this resonates well with the ethos of the Aavegotchi community.

In terms of content, I plan to record daily video content of the journey and transition to a global platform by producing content in English, primarily for Twitter. This not only caters to my existing fanbase but also opens up potential for a viral surge in followers and visibility, thanks to a strategy I’ve devised that involves rewarding different communities and random people with POAPs. This will serve to extend our reach, bring in eyes from various different communities, and potentially draw them into the Aavegotchi ecosystem.


The team comprises four members, and our equipment, purchased with private funds, is worth around $10,000. However, we seek sponsorship only for food and transport expenses. The food expenses are estimated to be around $30 per person daily, and transport back and forth (for both the team and the bicycles) is estimated at $200 per person. The total estimate for the journey expenses is approximately $5000, i.e., $1250 per person, further broken down into $1050 for food and $200 for transport, with the expenses calculated for a 35-day trip. Any additional expenses incurred will be covered by us.

We are not seeking to profit from this sponsorship but merely to cover our journey’s essential costs. If the team’s size decreases before the start of the journey, the costs will be adjusted accordingly. Also, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, if the journey is cut short, we commit to returning the unspent funds. Alternatively, we are open to being paid only after the journey, although a deal would need to be signed for marketing purposes.

In return for the sponsorship, we commit to promoting the Aavegotchi brand and community in various ways. This includes:

  • Leaving Aavegotchi-branded stickers throughout Spain and Portugal.
  • Incorporating Aavegotchi content into our adventure videos.
  • Wearing Aavegotchi-branded merchandise during our journey.
  • Creating dedicated promotional videos for Aavegotchi.
  • Displaying the Aavegotchi logo on all our official adventure videos.
  • Engaging the community to redeem daily Aavegotchi + adventures squad collab POAPs.


We respect the democratic decision-making process of the community. Therefore, I have also different ideas and propose two alternatives:

A) Rethink the partnership model by possibly reconsidering the payment structure or brainstorming other reward systems for promoting Aavegotchi under the official partnership deal. This option would still have the adventure promoted under official auspices but might involve a different payment or reward structure.

B) If the sponsorship isn’t feasible and marketing can’t be conducted officially, I will create themed “Fakegotchi” art around the adventure and sell 1000 (or more, or fewer) low-cost high-quality pieces. This will allow not only supporters from inside but also outside the Aavegotchi community to fund our adventure and simultaneously be introduced to the Aavegotchi ecosystem. In this case, we would appreciate a little support from the Aavegotchi team and community in boosting our content’s visibility and raising awareness for the Fakegotchi/Aavegotchi ecosystem.

Regardless of which alternative is chosen, we believe it will provide a win-win situation for both Aavegotchi and our adventurous team, ensuring Aavegotchi receives the global recognition it deserves, while we get the necessary support for our journey.


This forum topic aims to form and create a brainstorm over sponsorship partnership between Aavegotchi and our adventure team to increase global Aavegotchi awareness, specifically in Spain and Portugal, and on CT Twitter. The idea is to have Aavegotchi as an official sponsor for our cross-country cycling journey. Throughout our journey, we’ll promote the Aavegotchi brand using physical and digital strategies.


sounds fun! i think we should support things like this!


Nice idea @Network_Hustler ! good job !


This is pretty much guaranteed to end up on TV, right?

Seems like it would hinge on the personalities of the team. Maybe get on a call and shmooze us? :smiley:

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Normally I’d prefer digital marketing in 2023, unless we get featured on digital media spaces and TV News through this cycling event.

  • Leaving Aavegotchi-branded stickers throughout Spain and Portugal.
    Is this legal? I’ve wanted to leave stickers with links to the website in the center place of my country’s main city, but I don’t know the legalities.
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i think you mean encircle the Iberian Peninsula , the including Portugal sounds like Portugal is a part of Spain :laughing:
A way i see this working is for example if you would be the messenger taking a badge and delivering it to gotchigangs gotchis from the area, i know we have a nice amount of spanish gotchigangers for example. meet one and give a badge and carry on to the next.


I think this is dubious and not really worth it, how many times have u followed a link or a topic you saw on a sticker? lol

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Nice way to make Aavegotchi shine through sport.

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I’m not sure if it is guaranteed but kinda that’s one of the goals and I am open to and will contact the same people that have contacted us last time when they invited us to TV after the first adventure and I am open to each idea that will bring us closer to, this time we can even go to Spanish TV thanks to that now I want to do my content also in the English language. I am trying to bring this proposal up so more eyes can see it and then maybe some core team member can potentially write a real DAO Proposal so the community can vote over it and describe how they feel. :innocent:


I didn’t think about this but even if they are without links and put only in places where there were other stickers before anyway, do you think that would make someone mad? I do not know, I think not but maybe that’s some real case :thinking:

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Yeeee, that’s what I exactly met, lost the word haha, and you have great idea here, I am going to add it to my idea list so maybe it can be somehow used but it is kinda similar to an idea I already am trying to implement which is rewarding the followers and/or people I meet up on the road with POAPs (they could be branded with Aavegotchi as partner too), but getting an gootchi badge is even much dope idea, then I need help from the official team and do it under their wings

To be honest I did it many times when sticker is cool it is making me interested what it is about and why someone put effort to put the stickers around haha


It is 2 weeks since I have written my proposal here and since then I was working each day almost all day to make my journey go more smooth and easier, I think I have prepared and got everything that I need.
The last thing to finish is to currently talk about, get and close a partnership/sponsorship deal.

I have great ideas on how to connect everything and bring more fun into web3, even if I can’t get any deal under Aavegotchi wing that still doesn’t mean anything bad and does not depending on the outcome I am currently already in the works with my artist to create dope Fakegotchi art which is inspired/themed about my bicycle Spain trip but also related to Aavegotchi, this will help to push both my trip and new people into the ecosystem.

I told you this before so I already started to work on it, previously I have only put a typo and miscorrectly wrote that there will be 1000 pieces when I should write it would be 100. I have already nice ideas on how to properly distribute some of the art to do some proper marketing to later sell out the whole collection, if it will goes well then I will have a second drop with the same or less amount of pieces. I already bought Fakegotchi cards needed for that.

Currently, I am also designing from zero my whole spacious realm and I also want to theme it into a “Spain bicycle trip” look and further promote my Fakegotchi art on it through channeling events etc.

As u can see I am serious and took everything with a professional approach so it will happen doesn’t matter what, the only thing that changed is that some of the team members got scared and surrendered which means that now there is now 2 of us and not 4 like before, which later means that the cost of the trip is also falling by 50% down.

Soon you should all also see the Fakegotchi art in the queue, if you can all share this topic more and get our ghostly frens to share their mind and feedback here I am really appreciating each helping hand.

This is an exciting idea, and I think it can be realized


Tell me why it can’t be further cut down to 1 person?

If those two person didn’t quit, the dao would had paid double for what could it done with two person?

I am trying to understand what I just read

On the sticker thing… give them to people, personally. When you give people things, they are more likely to listen to you.

If you put stickers up… thats a different batch. Do those at bus stops where affluent people are commuting into a tech center.

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Of course, this is our journey, our adventure and since I am recording this all and posting online, have experience etc I already know how to leverage the potential of the journey, and the journey goal is not to find the marketing deal but the journey itself that’s why my goal is not to cut the team to only me, it’s more fun if u are with ur friends u know that haha

After I said all that you still in the mood to make jokes and laugh

Please make the prop so the dao can vote on it

I fail to see the point in prolonging this discussion

I was basically saying you are billing for 4 people when it has become apparent it can be done by 2 by your own statement

I don’t think you understand the implication that comes with it

I will leave it at that

Sir? And why I wouldn’t? Are we sad or mad? :eyes:


I think there is some misunderstanding here, but Reset, why do you thought for a moment that there is needed more than 1 person to use a bicycle?

With all respect, but I think it is you who didn’t understand me, I stated that we, me with friends are going on a trip, we are going there for fun, this is main goal, not to get the sponsorship or promote things, the main goal is to have fun and do crazy challenge again, so I do not see a reason, why I should be cutting my friends from the adventure, they quit only because they are scared they won’t do it because it is too hard for them…

That’s why my team is not 4, but now 2 of us, it is not even said that the last friend won’t quit because of fear too and I will go on the journey alone :sweat_smile:

Which I hope won’t happen because it is kinda crazy talking mostly to the camera hah

It didn’t let me to do it before and team members itself recommended me to do the forum thread, but thanks for the advice I will try once again