Change the snapshot voting to instant run off

As anyone who has lived under a two party political system can attest to, votes on topics with more than one option are not fair and lead to people choosing the lesser evil, when they feel the option they prefer is not going to win, which leads to only two options being viable.

In cases where there is a yes, do A, yes, do B, and a no, the yes options are easily influenced by a few large votes for one or the other in the very beginning, as if someone wants the other yes option, they will vote against their interests, to stop the no, and vice verse.

There is also a perception that the vault(and any other situation where people are delegating their votes into a communal pool) is giving inflated power to a small group of users, because once you achieve a majority in that situation, you have now gained the votes of all of your opponents, before adding that pooled vote to the actual voting, thereby amplifying the already massive voting power of a few users by 50-150%.

The easiest solution to this is something that could have improved the political situation in the real world, but has not been implemented because "reasons’(AKA those in power like being in power)

Snapshot has numerous options for voting, and we are only using the most archaic one.

I propose we use this option…


This is actually a pretty solid idea!

Ranked choice voting is a massive improvement when there are more than two choices. This method of voting would be especially effective in electing DAO members to committee positions. There is no perfect voting system (mathematically proven by Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem) but this is certainly a much better system of voting than first past the post voting, and should probably be the standard for snapshots. Even better if all of this can eventually be done on chain.


On a basic level, can we please have a better democracy in our private fantasy land than we do in real life? Please? I’m pretty upset with the rest of reality and I really like this community and I’d like things to go right somewhere, just this once. The very fact that the first reply cites a mathematical study on the fairness of voting, is VERY telling. This community is full of geniuses, frustrated geniuses, academics, programmers, visionaries… we ARE better than the default selection… lets do it right and not act like the default world.

This is by FAR the lowest hanging fruit of ALL the ideas. All it requires, is for the admin to pick a different option in a menu.


Just an FYI, Vitalik also wrote about the issue where token ownership influences voting and voting block size.
(He probably knew this issue would come up in most DAOs.)


This is the preamble to our constitution.

Quadratic voting is available on snapshot, too. Both IRF and Quadratic are wonderful improvements to the democratic process. I can’t think of a reason anyone would prefer to use boomertech.

To a degree, I feel the Vote Differential consensus that Aavegotchi has is already a good system that doesn’t just assume the majority will win. The original Haunt 2 vote was a perfect example of how it appeared the majority of the community wanted a H2, but because the vote didn’t meet the differential threshold, the vote failed (see AGIP4 vote here: Snapshot).

I don’t think many people fully understand the difference between Quorum and Consensus that meets the Vote Differential (or are even aware that we have a vote differential implemented), so I’m including a link to the Wiki here:

I’m not opposed to further evaluating other voting models. I just want to make sure we as a community understand what’s currently in place before we look to replace it with something else.


Just in case people aren’t feeling like clicking…

It’s a great start.