Proposal: Have a runoff vote for haunt 2

I propose that since the vote did not receive the 20% buffer to be passed, that a runoff vote is implemented asap.

If you add the 10k portal vote to the 25k portal vote, the vote would get passed. So only a new vote can clarify this.

In future, I think a new haunt proposal needs to be broken up into 2 separate votes. First - yes/no to a new haunt. This requires 20% buffer. Then if passed yes, second vote only requires 10% to choose exact # of portals.

However, this proposal is just for a simple yes/no to a runoff vote between 25k portals or no new haunt.

NB I am making an edit below, but informing of it so that the votes already cast are not seen to agree to the amended changes. As of right now, there are 15 votes cast with 67% voting “I concur”, and 33% voting “I object”.

The required change is that for 2 options, 10% vote differential is required to be reached in order to be passed, not 20% as stated above.
Any votes made going forward, please take into account this change.

  • 2 Options — 10% VD
  • 3 Options — 15% VD
  • 4 Options — 20% VD
Runoff vote for haunt 2?
  • Yes
  • No

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Have a good one


In future, I think a new haunt proposal needs to be broken up into 2 separate votes. First - yes/no to a new haunt. This requires 20% buffer. Then if passed yes, second vote only requires 10% to choose exact # of portals.

Why not propose doing this now? I don’t know much about DAO.

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Actually, that is a great point haha. I will do so now :slight_smile:


I’m voting yes but would prefer the run off to be simply yes/no to a new haunt now. then a separate vote on number and type of portals


There are so many factors to consider other than # of portals. Id much rather someone come up with a solid H2 proposal and gather good community consensus before another vote. We currently have no idea on: how many portals, which date H2 should be, what price, should it be 1 in 10 per portal or less, how many per tx etc. Voting individually on each of those factors will be a nightmare and cannot be combined well. It has to be a complete package for people to vote on.

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I concur :slight_smile: I already made a proposal for that, hopefully it gains traction, as that will sort out this issue quite quickly.


With all respect, I think you are making this far too complicated. Not sure if you were here for the launch, but a lot of people missed out because their transactions didn’t go through, whilst others were able to gobble up a lot of portals. There was division in the community over this.

So to rectify this, there were multiple proposals to do a new haunt vote asap, which is exactly what the team allowed to happen. It is clear from the vote that the majority of the community want a new haunt. No one can deny those results. The issue is the structure, so this is why a runoff is proposed.

All those issues you are talking about need to be carried out individually as seperate proposals for the community to vote on. If it is important enough for you, then you can spearhead it. Does not take that long to do a proposal.

Good luck, and thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


I agree with you!!!!! why no H2???

I think a run-off makes no sens, people could change their votes, so it will likely lead to the same result.

We need something like this yes, but vote differential should be 10% for new haunt/no new haunt vote according to the DAO rules.

It literally can’t be the same result, because “no new haunt” would not be in the runoff.

You are correct about the 10% VD required. So I will make required amendment, thanks.

Actually, I will make an edit and note the edit, otherwise people will think the votes were always cast to the 10% VD rule.

Ah ok, I missed this point in your proposal. If so it will not be a real “run-off” then.

It is a real runoff vote, because you don’t just get 1 type of runoff. In this case, more than 60% voted for some form of a new haunt, there was just no consensus on the exact amount. So then the runoff vote becomes 10k vs 25k. Hence… runoff vote.

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Ok, sorry, I’m not a native english speaker, my understanding of “run-off” was imperfect

I just created the proposal for marketing+an extra haunt in one. I advise you all to pick B or C, but I even added D if you want to properly destroy the economy like you’re so hellbent on. Otherwise even a rollback doesn’t sound as insane.

You’re the one to talk Grip after that textwall of calling those against S2 Haunt greedy and short-sighted whales when dO_Op is a whale who wants more cheap portals? perhaps you’re even sockpuppeting with multiple Discord accounts. You deleted it, I’d delete these rants too but clearly there’s a bigger problem than lack of attitude. Unless there simply isn’t and you’re that immature?
I really don’t think suddenly after you saying you liked the proposal that you’d suddenly be against it from a lack of kind attitude. Unless again it is?
Again: mind explaining what you 3 are doing right now? I heard you at first liking and being interested in the proposal when I referred it to you in the Discord and DM. I don’t think you suddenly changed opinions just because Grip influenced you or I wrote a snarky comment. Or is it that simple?

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Guys let’s keep the discussion civil and constructive. Accusing anyone of destroying the economy or being a smol brain is counterproductive and silly.


I don’t think you’re going to win any votes with an attitude like that. Also your proposal doesn’t follow the Proposal guidelines, nor does it offer a “No Airdrop” option. In the future if you’re going to continue making Proposals you should abide by the guidelines and also consider giving a “Leave it as is” option.

Please remember to be respectful of others, this is a public forum where everyone can read what you say. I’ve locked this thread since people can’t be civil with each other.