Proposal: Amend how new haunts are voted in future

As a new project there will be some ironing out issues that is up to us as the DAO to rectify. I propose a simple change to how future votes for haunts are conducted.

It is simply broken up into 2 separate votes.

Snapshot vote 1: A yes or no vote to whether a new haunt should be implemented
If the vote is passed with ‘yes’ winning by more than 20% (since this has a high impact on the project, requires the max buffer), then proceed to next vote.

Snapshot vote 2: Allowing 2 or 3 choices on how many portals to choose from (excluding 0 obviously), this only requires a 10% buffer to win the vote.

Do you concur or do you object to this proposal?
  • I concur
  • I object

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Let us know what you think, thanks

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