Clash of Gotchis (clash of clan-like game)

I don’t work in the game industry but I have a few ideas that came to me for the aavegotchi universe, so I’ll leave them here, and maybe they’ll inspire someone :slight_smile:

Concept: A mobile game similar to the famous Clash of Clan. Highly addictive!
Free-to-play and the possibility of earning tokens even in free-to-play (but difficult)
Pay-for-advantages (faster construction, production etc.)
Gotchi not required but offering specific advantages depending on their traits (for economic or military purposes, for example), which would open up a lucrative gotchi rental market…
Capture an opponent’s village to recover its “treasure” (tokens and nfts). Only some of these tokens can be sold immediately, while the others are locked in your own village’s treasure for a certain period of time (e.g. 20% for 24 hours, 20% for 72 hours, 20% for a week and 20% for a month).
Special events where treasures can be captured outside villages during epic battles

Thanks for reading, ciao!