Can we make a fork of Aavegotchi for poor people?

Joking but for the moment Aavegotchi is only for rich people… no offense

so creating a fork for letting people really play on it ??


while idk if fork is the right idea, but when the game has more mechanics and operability would definitely think its necessary to lower some pricing to allow for a more vibrant ecosystem.
the value should be in the bond not the rarity (rarity should be icing on top). so the game should be to incentivize users to build strong bonds by themselves and with others. the problem with doing this right now is that with the current implemented game mechanics and gameplay available dillution of current supply would probably be detrimental to protocol growth. think of it as a bit of an exclusive beta for people that understand the vision and willing to pay the premium for early releases.

while it sucks to not have financial access to the game but at the end of the day its hardly a game yet. its an idea. devs have a responsibility to grow users and protect early speculators. hard to protect the speculators if all your are doing is dilluting supply with no improvements to gameplay or functionality

game first, cheap amazing product available for maximum bandwidth of users second. maximum bandwidth of users leveraged into new saving ecosystem for the world boys.

aagents to the moon.


thats a great take aamigo


I like this idea alot. it,s only fair that everyone gets a chance to play and win. I don,t think it should be called “a fork for poor people” I think it would be a nice way to make wining possible for all Gotchi owners. Not just the whales.


I think its a goal that is worthwhile to work towards.
While I was somehow able to afford getting portals and attained decent gotchis and got my wife involved with crypto finally through the game, we are still on the not so bleeding edge of bankruptcy.
Crypto is our only way out of deep debt to the IRS/banks from a business failure/medical bills and resulting loss of health insurance/ loss and trauma, from 3 years ago that has been impossible to catch up with.
So Im in fairly close situation to understanding that as Aavegotchi currently exists…if its not a “rich” mans game…it most surely is for those at least in a momentarily monetarily privileged phase of life game…and out of the realm of possibility and thus interest for even most middle class folks. It becomes almost a desperate gamble.
One thing I am impressed with is that many of the gotchi’s/ portals will pay for themselves at the current valuation.
I think a lower tier type of affordable version that people would have a lick of a chance through interaction, “luck” of randomness, persistance and a possibility of upgrading into the lower tier values of HAUNT 1 is going to be important if we dont want Aavegotchi to be viewed inevitably with some discord and malice.
Costs in the realm of 25-75$ and upgrading the access to wearables and consumables I think would eventually “seep” upwards in possibly influencing some people to be able to trade upwards.

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Upward mobility is a key feature of play-to-earn, and something that we try to embody in every decision. One of my favorite examples of this is the Raffle, which is truly fair and random.

Another example is the Kinship and XP leaderboards. If you pet your Aavegotchi and come to events, you will be moving up the leaderboard.

Rarity Farming as a meta-game is most capital intensive, and thus skews towards being “play-to-win”, but it also brings the highest rewards (and drives the entire Aavegotchi economy). There are many factors to consider, and simply forking Aavegotchi to create a cheap one would IMHO not be productive.

Focusing on helping new players onboard and maybe implementing systems like Axie’s Scholarship program is a better direction to move in.


I do not think that splitting the community is a good idea.
I have discussed entry level ideas in


I’m hoping that people with less money will get a chance to play as well mainly through random minigame rewards as shown in the post i linked. :slight_smile:
and get to gear up in trash tier item sets put out in the maal
that either give ± 1 stat or only +1brs making them half as good as commons.


buy more ghst and play the game , you will get rich one day

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That’s a briliant idea!
Mining shafts!!!
Army of gotchigang miners, mining the ghst in deep down in mines, togather, sounds like fun!
That is also might to fix whales OwerPower problem by simply making everything even:
The stronger the gotchi, the less strong gotchis it can have to follow:
If RS of gotchi 640, he can only have a common gotchis to follow him, and oposite, the worse gotchi you have, the stronger leader you con follow, to mine more.
I think it sounds cool, i just add some to your idea, mate

Requests: Mining equpment to enter the shaft, different shafts, different rewards, different requirements of the wearables needed to mine the ghsts in the specific shaft. + requirements of the stats per mines to enter the shaft, (like base 99 enrg needed for the goldie mine for ex.) can be variables too.

I think yes, mining shafts, is a nice solution, it’s making the gap between the top and low less, and the shafts will make the gotchis able to enter that mine that they can handle the best to perfom.
It also gives more use to the stats, not just games and brs-ars


In my view - one of the biggest gains of Aavegotchi (addiotionally to the “fun and fund”-aspect) - is the educational value. I learned and re-learned a lot in the past weeks/months - estimation on the “pay-out” of that: time will tell.
A decent console+game (Nintendo, Sony, et al) certainly costs a few hundred bucks?
On recent weekends, my kid and I - to my astonishment - didnt touch our “Switch” once - we surfed the Bazaar and calculated odds for the Raffle.
Watching an elementary-school kid getting a grasp on decimals, probability-distribution, supply-demand-mechanics… by play… having fun… no idea how to price that… :wink:


Wow, that is so inspiring! Makes all the hard work worth it <3

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Btw Is there a roadmap @coderdan ?

Yes but a new, updated roadmap is in the works.

I think it will tie in well to this thread’s main idea that Aavegotchis need to be accessible to more people.


Interesting, I like it!

Don’t ask Just fork.
It could be a good Solidity homework I think.

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Do you have any idea how this can be done? I am far from being a whale, the value of my gotchis is no more than $ 1,500, but if we make Gotchi more accessible, then the people who have already spent money and contributed to the development of the project will turn out to be fools. Gotchi should be more expensive and be in the center of development, for people with a lower budget (myself included) it is better to come up with additional mechanics of participation in the project that will allow you to get Gotchi without destroying the value of the latter. Maybe an idea with something like gotchi kids would be nice, but it doesn’t fit into the lore at all.


Free to play is already in development. Check out the Lickquidators in the Litepaper: Aavegotchi: Gotchiverse Realm Litepaper - Google Docs


Maybe there will somekind of a hybrid of Gotchis and Liquidators, that are less powerfull than Gotchis but a little more powerful than Liquidators. I think the price point could be like 50$.


This is certainly a possibility. The Gotchiverse in theory can be populated with more characters that fit more use cases as needs are revealed.