Fractionalised ownership of gotchis

would be a great idea to inject more participation into the game. reason im suggesting this is because it seems theirs an impasse in the community when addressing weather or not to add a haunt 2.

one of the main reasons for a haunt 2 is to add community.
one of the main reasons for no haunt 2 is to increase rarity and price.

in comes fractionalized ownership which seem to be a solution to increase community and rarity.

Aavegotchis will be very very expensive. the rarest ones will sell for millions.


Sure, and h2 is coming, we need Fractionalisation on baazaar + bids and rewards for it like Unicly :slight_smile:

I’ve seen suggestions of BRS farming and Aave interest rate farming with a gang of gotchis, like pool farming. I was thinking of having to interact/socialize with other people’s gotchis to keep up the high interest rate or receive a bonus reward like more frens, ghst, kinship, xp along with the token interest rate.
Easiest way to do it would be through the mechanic of borrowing wearables for a period of time and fractions of godlike items. The top 3 gotchis could be owned by a group of people and each of them could receive some portions of the farming rewards.

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I do think there are certain settings you should only be able to use gotchis you own, BUT I like this idea and thought of a few cases it would be cool for rewards and developer integrations:

  • A service could build curated gotchi collections serving different interests / appeal, sorta like the Aavegotchi Aastronauts crew

  • Partners could own an Aavegotchi and allow their users / holders to play as them as a fun perk (if any projects were sitting on set of godlikes this would be a cool use case)

  • Projects could share a common gotchi to their users, their team, and their company

  • onboard new users at affordable prices; The treasury could buy a set of Aavegotchi starters and offer them to new users to use in games! These players get to test Aavegotchi on a lower budget, committed players acquire their own unique friends and can make them standout to generate rewards!

Riffing on the rewards system for fun;
The subscribed GHST could be staked for frens in escrow and shared between the subscriber and owner giving that players a new incentive with their stake and owners a way to earns frens on their Aavegotchi.
Following the subscriptions end date the GHST can become claimable in that Aavegotchis pocket by the owner and the subscriber walks away with frens to join a raffle and potentially acquire wearables and more stake in the ecosystem in the future

I think even people who already own their own set of gotchis would enjoy if this let them choose to play as Gek or Terence McKenna in a minigame


Yes I love both the micro and macro!

Micro: The possibility to own a fraction of a top gotchi, is awesome for the average user, and allows for more liquidity and accurate pricing on the NFTs.

Macro : Have loved the idea of arrays of gotchis for a long time. To package gotchis by categories and sell them or manage them in bulk (portfolios) has always seemed appealing.