Limited Trial Gotchis

Inspired from Lil Gotchis I’ve come up with the idea of trial gotchis to help non-crypto knowledgeable people try out Aavegotchi for free for a limited time period without the risk of ruining the game’s economy.
These portals, gotchis, items would be untradeable with real tokens and NFTs. They would also expire after 2 months. This could be done yearly to attract a large audience.
These would be the completely F2P gotchis that can mingle with the P2P.
So spitball as many fun overpowered ideas as you want because these gotchis are as fake as cardboard cutouts.
That’s why I proposed an extravagant trial where every newcomer can sport 550+ BRS gotchis, godlike wearables, 1000+ kinship and XP gotchis, they could even have their own far-quicker tournament with a fake untradeable currency that should never ever be traded for Matic, GHST, ETH. As well as filter P2P from F2P to not spam the baazar. These portals, gotchis, items would expire in 2 months.

Only thing to discuss is from a blockchain coding perspective how to fill up every leak and not potentially unleash millions of gotchis and items on the blockchain as genuines. They should be contained to the aavegotchi baazar.

In my proposal I combined trial gotchis with a mass-airdrop marketing, the marketing in itself would deserve its own proposal. Matic is amazing for airdrops.
There’s another idea which requires its own thread and again it would be best if a real game designer and economist was hired to be put in charge of these ideas.