Collateral Types for Haunt 3

With the current AIP to add new collateral types to Aave Polygon, it seems like a good time to get ahead with speccing out a potential Haunt 3 that would likely happen this year (if the price of gotchis is any indication).

GHST, CRV, BAL, and SUSHI will be available as new collateral types for gotchis in the next haunt. With these additions, I want to float the idea of possibly phasing out the remaining Haunt 1 collateral types for Haunt 3. This would retire (for now):

  • USDC
  • USDT
  • DAI
  • AAVE

With these collaterals retired, we’d see a Haunt 3 that features the following collateral types:

  • WBTC
  • WETH
  • GHST
  • CRV
  • BAL

We’d be left with roughly the same number of collaterals as previous haunts had.

Potential alterations:

  • Bring back LINK in H3 since it’s being added to aave polygon. Would make LINK a unique bond between H1 and H3.
  • Keep stables and Aave as collaterals in every haunt. Phase out WBTC, WETH, and MATIC instead.
  • Include all H2 collateral types in addition to the new ones – potentially makes some H3 collaterals more unique for a time.
  • Include all H2 collateral types AND LINK in addition to the new ones – very large variety in collateral types for H3, LINK gotchis devalued potentially, H3 unique collaterals become valuable for a time.

Curious to hear what folks feel is the best path forward for collaterals in a theoretical Haunt 3. If we can come to a reasonable set of options, we can turn this into a proposal and have it actually enacted before Haunt 3 (as opposed to PixelCraft deciding and the community retroactively complaining one way or another).


1 vote for Link collateral


I like all the options (undecided about bringing back LINK) and am especially excited to see the SUSHI and CRV eye shapes. But think it’s too early to semi-lock-in a list of collaterals when we are far from the haunt. Who knows what could change or when we’ll get enough users, so let’s discuss ideas here to revisit once it becomes clear we are ready for H3.


Id like to see BTC and WETH eyes from Haunt 2 retired. Those are among the prettiest gotchi in Haunt 2- and if the current eye models were made H2 exclusive, I think that would be a very nice standout feature for H2.

Obviously we can’t expect to retire weth or BTC altogether, but doing so for the eyes would be the sweet spot IMHO.


Agree. I believe retired collaterals should stay as such. If we revive Link or others we should make them visually different. Otherwise collectors are again left in limbo over their investment decisions.

Another idea would be to make each haunt collateral unique for some tokens (to be announced before the haunt). Like H2 BTC and weth eyes for example. If there’s a H3 with BTC collateral then the artwork would be tweaked.

But as stated above we’re quite a ways away from H3.


I don’t see a need to phase out any more collaterals. Like the idea of adding more collaterals though.

I really like the idea of a new LINK collateral type with different eyes and head emblem. I really don’t think there is a risk of devaluing H1 LINK’s if the H1 maETH vs H2 amWETH is anything to go by. H1 maETH is still in very high demand (although could be argued it was always the most sought after collateral).

I’m a fan of phasing out the remaining H1 collaterals. Increases odds of scoring a GHST collateral when you open a portal!