Route to H3 with amGHST collateral Gotchis

Hello GotchiGang!

With H2 being back in late 2021 and GHST being listed on Aave over a year ago, many have asked before, “When H3 with amGHST collateral Gotchis?” The most common and stark response being, “No more Gotchis!”

Well, with the introduction of the Forge, we have a viable outlet for introducing new content without increasing supply, so I hope this forum can start the conversation around a viable route to H3.

Some initial ideas include:

  • Require the 2 or more Gotchi’s worth of Essence to make Haunt 3 deflationary to current supply of Gotchis

  • Spending the Essence, maybe with a combination of other forge items, outputs a fresh H3 portal that includes amGHST collateral Gotchis (could include other collaterals as well or make it exclusive to amGHST)

  • Opening portal would be the normal Portal contract mechanics, producing 10 variations of Gotchis that the owner can summon from

Let me know what y’all think!



Funny, was just thinking about this recently too. My 2c on a possible mechanic:

  1. Revenue generation - Suggest selling “inactive” H3 portals on GBM up to a set limit (circa 2535no. ?)
  2. H1 > H2 scarcity - Recommend that an H1 and H2 both need to be sacrificed “into” an inactive H3 portal to make it activate/summonable. Maintains H1 scarcity over H2.
  3. XP distribution - Should still be able to distribute the XP of the sacrificed gotchis to any gotchi OR into the new H3 gotchi
  4. Essence straight to owner wallet as per normal

Something worth considering is the BRS creep of this mechanic. Only trash BRS gotchis are going to be sacrificed so we are pushing up overall BRS of all supply. Maybe minor? Would require modelling.

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I don’t see a need for H3 considering we still have so many unopened portals, and closed portals were recently trading near the lows they’ve seen since H2. Affordability is as best as it’s been in a long time.

Although, I like the idea of utilizing the Forge to, in essence, craft new Portals. I don’t think there needs to be an H3 any time soon and wouldn’t support it unless there was a massive deflationary method for crafting an H3 portal. My opinion would be that since there are 10 Aavegotchis in a Portal, I would vote for the need to sacrifice 10 gotchis to be able to craft an H3 portal.


I would use the same point of affordability for why it would be a great time to do H3 through the forge. If the floors were not affordable, then H3 as a deflationary Gotchi mechanic would not work as effectively. In the discord we were discussing the possibility of having to sacrifice a H1 a H2 and an Unopened portal to help support the floors of each and make a 3:1 deflation for forging H3 portals. The forging of H3 portals would continue until there is only 10k Gotchis left (Which may or may never happen).

Something to discuss would be what collateral would be included in the H3 portals? (e.g. amGHST, GLTR, Alchemica LPs?) Also should the difficulty level be changed from H1 and H2 portals so its harder to pull a higher BRS Gotchi to prevent high BRS dilution or keep the VRF the same?