Marketing - F2P Aavegotchis

A F2P version of Aavegotchi living inside the P2P world/mainnet. A F2P version where everything is accessible and overpowered, but it has no value compared to the P2P version. Naked 600 BRS gotchis, Godlike items, 20 gotchis in 1 portal, large potions are common. F2P gotchis can interact in valueless(money-wise) but fun ways with the P2P version like emoticons, petting, parties, babysitting, all without real money. These gotchis will visually have the same collaterals as the P2P ones but without the option to stake, these gotchis should only exist within the baazaar without the option of being traded/listed anywhere else. These gotchis even if mistaken for the real thing should be utterly incapable of being traded for real tokens outside of their own F2P NFTs. If the dev can find a way to stake but not allow accidentally trading the NFT itself with a valuable token then amazing.
I’m hoping a completely F2P version integration could be done before season 2 starts.
F2P gotchis can have rarity tournaments of their own. You cannot stake real money in these F2P Aavegotchis. These gotchis will not expire in 2 months like I previously suggested.

Making the F2P version overpowered and interact with the P2P version is a psychological game where the F2P players feel better emotionally next to the seemingly weaker P2P version despite the P2P playing with real money and winning real money.

You’d be able to create F2P portals right on the website with a few clicks and some captcha solving, not even requiring an email and a special invitation. But this option would not be available until we do a mass-exposure advertising to first gauge interest from people.

This way both crypto and non-crypto people feel like they’re making history and are able to play the game to see how it’s like before deciding if they want the real thing. Similar to testnet exchanges where you practice with fake bitcoins. Similar to wanting to play crypto kitties, 0xuniverse, axies, poker, slots machine as a dumb little game with no money involved.

This will attract a large amount of users via far easier accessibility and these users in return will advertise by word of mouth on their own, some of them might even be big influencer Twitch and Youtube users like MrBeast and Pewdiepie who are not into crypto, investments but are into dumb little games like Among Us.

The simple problem is that there most likely will be no interest from a larger audience. The current audience who does play it will get bored of it very quickly due to lack of things to do. The problem is that these F2P NFTs will run on the mainnet together with the P2P NFTs which might cause possible bugs+leaks if not properly tested beforehand.

I’d love if you’d have a look in this thread as well: