Birthday Gifts for Aancient Gotchis

Following up on the recent introduction of the blockchain age of our gotchis, it would be nice to receive birthday gifts in the form of wearables when our guys grow up. It could be something simple like a party hat, birthday t-shirt and piece of cake are airdropped when a gotchi achieves 1M/10M/100M blocks of age (or something like that). Having them all could be a birthday set which is ideal for birthday parties in the Realm :slight_smile:

To prevent diluting the value of the current wearables these new items could have common/uncommon rarity levels, giving them more symbolic than speculative value. What do you guys think?


Haha, nice :slight_smile: I like the idea. 1M would be too soon to me, but the 10M mark seems decent. That’s going to be what, like 6 months or so (I did zero math or thinking for that… so could be very wrong)? It would be cool to have that as a milestone. Having it as an airdrop would also make it nice for new players that don’t have the money to buy from the bazaar, but having an occasional prize for owning a gotchi piggybank would be a nice reward.

Maybe make the party hat -1 spookiness, they’ve been out of the nether realm for too long and are less spooky :grin:

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I would have suggested minipets, but this is a sprite-based game and the models and gotchis are already as small as they can be.

Nice idea :slight_smile: reward possibilities include badges, some kind of consumable, like a piece of cake that makes your gothi move faster or something for a period of time (like sugar rush), a vanity wearable…

Cool idea for sure as some are at least expectant of a little something as we spend so much time already just petting and engaging in polls, games etc. The little guys deserve some shine for giving us all this engagement.

I like it. But sounds like a headache for devs

I like this idea, maybe instead of a wearable we could get a background since they do not have stats and are cosmetic only.


Maybe just give the birthday gotchi’s a badge with their age on it ? 1 year, 2 year, 3 year.

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I think we can use it even deeper, like ancient gotchis will have an acces to some areas in realm that require some kind of time period for beening able for somethin something? Dunno, minigames, rewards or anything + XP combination on top.

Rewards for having gotchi summon on top of kinship rewards sounds too good, if it’s not a badge, but BG idea sounds interesting too, BUT, if we give BD BG to gotchis, then the idea of having BG for h1 only going to get less grean n unique. I don’t really need a BD background i gues, but a badge looks better IMO

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