MMORPG for gotchi

Further to some of the proposals for realm adventures for the gotchi for xp. I’m suggesting the use of dungeons/raids in the realm adventures . Getting together with other gotchi holders (gangs) to utilise the different traits held against mini bosses etc in raids. This will add exp to the gotchi (small xp) depending on how far you get. Also if you beat the boss (which could be event bosses (once a week/month) or standard mini bosses , you can get drops (special items- wearables/potions) (dependant on if you are the first group to beat them or if you set a faster completion time to other groups) and maybe some treasure to share out between the gotchi gang you formed to take on the quest.


I like the idea but if we could get inspiration from the Dungeon Protocol gameplay that would prevent bots and assure a better fairness / distribution reward :slight_smile:

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Also solo dungeons so that ppl can play by them selves.