Haunt 2 Proposal: Affordability + higher adoption

Haunt 1 has been a great success and has attracted far more demand than the limited supply. There are a lot of people that unfortunately were not able to get a portal or could not afford it from the second hand market Baazaar.

My Proposal for Haunt 2:

  1. Launch around 2-3 months from now or when minigames is ready for people that missed out on H1 or newcomers to join in.

  2. Cost around 5-10 USD worth of GHST with supply of 30k portals

  3. Have 5 common traits + 1 random traits(1-100) so it could still be able to compete in minigames but not in rarity farming.

  4. More common looks, maybe smaller like a lil gotchi idea another member proposed.

This proposal aims to make the game more affordable to gamers and people who missed out while retaining the value and rarity of Haunt 1 aavegotchis. By being distinctively different from Haunt 1, this will drastically increase the chances that whales from Haunt 1 will support because this proposal would most likely not affect the prices of current gotchis and wearables. Hopefully this can help cater towards both target markets of NFT collectors/investors(mainly those that are from Haunt 1 or buyers in Bazaar) and gamers/tamagotchi fans to mutually benefit from this entire ecosystem.

For people that are worried about Haunt 1 being devalued, please voice your support and opinions on my other proposal to add shiny background or something unique to H1: Here

Vote: Snapshot


I’m not sure about the 5-10 USD cost. This is a significant devalue from the initial portal. Although i agree there needs to be a strategy to allow newcomers into the market.

Perhaps we can keep portals at the same price but they are released more regularly so people can save / plan for that purchase and also more focus on the game. That way you do not offend existing users, there will be an obvious knock on effect to current open/closed portals however this part of the game is just a pre-requisite as opposed to the main body.

As an example, i would have liked to see an element which cannot just be overruled by money - petting could have been a good example of this, we already have lots of elements where you can improve your gotchi like buying items but there should be a collection of items where you have to ‘play and engage’ and that way there is a balance between playing and also investing and not having the feeling of being placed out the market.

I think that would add another dimension to the game without only being monetary focused.That way people could get something cheaper, continue playing the game to build up the rarity from engagement and then have a chance to sell and build on that.

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The problem I see with a 150 dollar purchase is that only crypto enthusiast would pay that price. The price has to be much lower in order to allow for mainstream adoption. I don’t think this proposal would devalue the initial portal because it is very different (much lower BRS with 5 common traits) and also a different look. Think of the example of a uncommon wearable vs mythical/godlike wearables, just because the uncommon is much cheaper is unlikely to make the godlikes cheaper because godlike is still much more rare and useful in terms of adding BRS.


That is true, 150 dollars is high for average users. Its fair point, if they are of different traits / look then i guess its just another ‘tier’ of gotchi’s.


How about having the trait random number generator curve modified for lower cost portals? Kind of like different rarity card packs used elsewhere. Give low cost portals a narrow distribution around common traits. Rarity is still possible, but odds go way down (don’t your remember gambling on pokemon card packs :slight_smile: ). Then fix the normal gaussian distribution to something like 250-500ghst. More then haunt 1, that got the gaussian distribution for 100ghst.


I like the idea of making entry level portals available for Haunt 2 which are in the 10 USD price range. But instead of fixing traits to 5 common + 1 random, I’d prefer UnfitStone’s suggestion of simply narrowing the gaussian for those gotchis. However, I disagree with making portals that spawn regular distributed gotchis even more expensive. A lot of people who didn’t get one in Haunt 1 are looking to get a regular gotchi for 100 GHST. They will again go up in value as they hit the market, so there is really no need. Especially because they won’t even be Haunt 1 portals.

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I intentionally did not include the “regular portals” in this proposal because I think it should be something thats voted separately. I feel like the chance of getting another "regular portal” Haunt is probably very low because those will affect the market price of current gotchis so the whales are unlikely to vote that in. Maybe the “regular portals” could be for Haunt 3 but that would be up for another discussion.

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That depends on the timeline. If 3+ months have passed and there are actually some mini-games and stuff, then I don’t see more regular portals devaluing Haunt 1. Haunt 1 will be incredibly special because of the story behind it and what people were willing to pay for it on the market just to get started right away.
If Haunt 2 would really only feature cheap low tier gotchis, than that would turn off the mid-range serious newcommer. They wouldn’t wanna pay 300+ GHST for a “proper” gotchi, but also didn’t wanna spend their time on a low tier model. But hey, that is just my personal opinion.

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I agree with @CryptoGotchi , entry level gotchis could be great Give a choice to people. But still, some of us think that 100 GHST, although quite a bit of money, it’s affordable, and we want to at least have a small chance to have a rare gotchi and be part of the game as it is now, rarity farming included. $150 dollars is the same you pay for 3 axies right now, as long as there are ways to earn for everyone, people may consider it worth it, even in poor countries like it’s happening with axie infinity.

I think that’s the key to success in crypto games, rewards should be well distributed and people rewarded just for playing, with extra rewards to those who are higher on the leaderboards. This encourages investment and promotes growth and sustainability. People in Venezuela or the Philippines are buying axies and even making great efforts to save for land in that game, because everyone can even earn enough SLP to make a living in those countries. And then you have esports teams and pro players earning AXS when they end among the first 200 on the leaderboards. So Aavegotchi could potentially tap into those markets as well.

As I said many times, Haunt 1 gotchis will always be Haunt 1 gotchis, so whales shouldn’t worry too much about a Haunt 2 devaluing their gotchis, if the game grows those Haunt 1 gotchis will sell for thousands of dollars like genesis or mystic axies do now. Sure, increased supply could make the prices go down in the short term, BUT, if they hold, they could profit much more than what they are profiting now. I’ve been holding a legendary NFT i got in a raffle and prices just went up 10x the moment Aavegotchi launched, so imagine what will happen if the game gains massive adoption like it’s happening with sorare, F1 delta time, or axie infinity. For that reason, if I was a whale, I’d be more worried about growth than about a Haunt 2 right now. Just my 2 cents!


In the end that will be up to the community to decide. If you guys want another regular haunt tho I suggest u guys make a proposal for that separately to see how the community feels or even vote on that. The final core team vote would probably be something like:

  1. Regular haunt 2 only
  2. Cheap haunt 2 only
  3. Cheap haunt 2 + Regular haunt 2
  4. No haunt 2
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While I do hope we get more play to earn elements in this game, I would say the current rarity farming is nothing like axie’s play to earn mode. It would require at least 500 dollars investment including wearables to maybe even be in top 2000 so rarity farming is literally pay to win for whales. Minigames in the future might add more grinding element which could be similar to what axie is doing: Trading time grinding resource so the rich whales can buy those resources without them grinding. Its kind of like hiring gold farmer in mmos which is a decent job especially for people in poorer countries. That would take a lot of brainstorming and designing from the devs(and the community) too tho so it won’t happen anytime soon as far as I can tell from the roadmap.


Yeah, I’m alright with a cheap + regular haunt 2, and like is said, I don’t see why whales should worry in the long term. That said, from a technical point of view, I think it may be a hard thing to implement, it would take a lot of engineering I guess. In any case, right now the DAO is full of proposals and still a lot of things to develop in the game, so maybe the amount of work that it requires just can’t be allocated right now.

About the play to earn model, I agree, it’s totally different right now, and pretty much agree with everything you’ve said in that aspect. But I was thinking more medium-long term, once the game is more mature. I’m sure the community and the devs can come up with a lot of great ideas, like, i don’t know, being able to convert your Aavegotchi’s XP or kinship in a potion and sell it? Not a serious suggestion though, just said the first thing that popped out in my mind, but I definitely believe in the farming element. There is nothing wrong with the pay to win model either, some games are like that, but I just think those games end up being played mostly by people who are already in crypto. Farming and grinding can definitely attract people outside the crypto scene, the community just needs to decide in what direction should the project be heading.

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Cheap haunt 2 would be great. Mass adoption of this game is the point to drive our originals up in value no? I think we should be all asking how can every move be made so that this thing is something that everyone wants to play. Is it possible to create an app when mini games come out? Lets make this the next angry birds app

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