100% agree.

Maybe a biyearly rebalance of weighting is appropriate.

We did wearables when maall price wasnt comically low. Now you get about 8% of the value as votes.

Land values are appropriate.

Gotchi values are too low and do not scale appropriately.

We dont have alchemica amd installations valued either.

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Is the voting mechanism you are referring to published someplace where I can view it; to bring myself up to speed. Iā€™m curious how the thinking on voting has evolved.

To be honest, as the voting discussions about what to count and how to weight them multiplied and got more raucous I stepped back a bit. I still believe that getting the Aavegotchi voting model right is vital to the long-term success of the project but recognize that DAO governance is in a nascent state with probably a long, trial-and-error phase ahead.

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I am familiar with the Snapshot and its voting options. Snapshot, while ok at this stage, is wholly inadequate for implementing a voting mechanism that could address even the major issues raised about Aavegotchi governance. Even something straightforward as quadratic voting, in order to work properly, requires some form of voter authentication to protect against vote manipulation. Such voter authentication flies in the face of crypto norms about anonymity. But every voting scheme is vulnerable to gaming and manipulation by bad actors.

There are contemporary articles and studies that address effective and balanced DAO governance. This is an in-depth article from vitalik.ca about moving beyond coin based DAO governance (Moving beyond coin voting governance). And there is an interesting study from the Journal of Internet Services and Applications that compares and contrasts the three most prevalent DAO governance platforms: Aragon, DAOstack and DAOhaus (A comparative analysis of the platforms for decentralized autonomous organizations in the Ethereum blockchain | Journal of Internet Services and Applications | Full Text).

Pixelcraft and gotchi community developers have their hands full fleshing out the gotichiverse ecosystem. For this reason voting management has rightly been outsourced to Snapshot which, I contend, is not sophisticated enough to implement the kind of governance model I believe Aavegotchi requires. It may be possible to find a better platform to which governance implementation can be outsourced, provided that the gotchi community can clearly specify what type of governance process we desire. Undoubtedly governance must evolve with the ecosystem so the chosen governance solution must be adaptable.


I think you can beat the part in quadratic voting where you get more power by spawning infinite wallets, if you make it so you have to walk your vote down to the ballot box, with your gotchi. The most splits you could do would be however many gotchis you own.

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