We have to fix this!

It is an old topic but we need to talk about it again.

Otherwise, it’s just a scam that uses Aave’s reputation.

"I know this has been brought up before but this isn’t something you can vote on because of course the whales will vote against it and they have the voting power. These aren’t “community” votes. These are whale votes.
This is for the devs to decide if they democratic voting or do they want to kill the game because the whales have control?

Whose going to win the big rarity farming awards? The whales of course.
They control the votes.
They buy all the top wearables to jack up their rarity score.
They vote to raise taxes to increase the awards they’re going to win in rarity farming.
They vote for whatever benefits them

If you truly want to know what the “community” wants then give voting an equal playing field.

1 account = 1 vote or however you make it so everybody has an equal voice

To the devs thank you for all your hard work!"

Lets talk!!

Let’s just turn this entire thing around:

Who’s pumping all the money into the ecosystem? The whales of course.

  • They are engaged community members.
  • They fund the project by buying up wearables / gotchis.
  • They voted to raise fees to increase the rewards given back to the community.
  • They vote for whatever benefits the ecosystem. (Haven’t seen a single example of whales voting to grab more power, on the contrary)

Calling Aavegotchi a scam that uses Aave’s reputation is a ridiculous statement. Aave has the same DAO model. Sushi has the same DAO model. Yearn has the same DAO model. Hint: Every single DeFi project rewards skin in the game.

1 account = 1 vote can be gamed so easily that it’s not even worth talking about it. How are you gonna stop me from sending 1 GHST to a thousand wallets?


first of all, you are funny, aavegotchi is supposed to be a play-earn model defi platform right?..
but there is no game :rofl:…? Elizabeth Holmes? Is that you?

You said, “How are you gonna stop me from sending 1 GHST to a thousand wallets?”
I think it’s dev team’s problem to fix. They took %40 commission from haunt 2 auction revenues which was 3m ghst.

They should deliver a democratic environment not a place that 5-6 mates take their own decisions.

Yes, They all have the same DAO model except the proposal limit!!! I don’t know how I can stop you to send 1ghst to thousand wallets but it is not rocket science. :kissing_heart:

Lmao okay, good luck ser.

You never change… same answers…

I’m sorry for your investors. and yes aavegotchi abuse aave’s name and reputation… enjoy your snake game btw

What does “Lets talk!!” mean to you? Does it mean that people have to agree with you? Or what would it take to change your mind?


Just because Aave and Sushi have the same DAO model does not mean that we have to as well. I respect the whales cause they provide liquidity to the project and make this game even possible, so thank you.

When taking decentralization into account, and if this game does want to be completetly decentralized, something does need to change. Maybe the solution isn’t 1 to 1 vote based on wallets, cause people can create as many wallets as they want, but if it keeps going this way i do see what 0xgur is saying that the whales will continue to gobble up everything and the voting power will become centralized to a few people, which makes this game no better than America where the big corportations control everything cause they control all the money. Money = Power.

Is there someway that we can separate money from power in this game? Maybe more participation and activeness in the game = more voting power? That way you incentivise people to participate to have influence instead of opening up their wallet to have more power in the Gotchiverse. Maybe it can be a combination of the two instead of just the amount of GHST your own?

Decentralization and providing power to the people instead of the 1% should be one of the main focuses. Hopefully, this gets taken seriously.

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Boy oh boy, this is the elephant in the room, the gazillion million dollar question, however this massive major issue gets solved is not just solely for aavegotchis, but the macro of all of blockchain tech. Looking forward to seeing and watching this play out, the ramifications are enormous, id like to say power to the people, but it may be a tall dream to think whales wont win

  1. Godlike Wearable Floor Price: 89k GHST

  2. Number of Godlike Wearables on #1 in the BRS leaderboard: 5 (4 for #2)

  3. RF reward for #1 on BRS leaderboard: 102k GHST (54k GHST for #2)

You right…screw those whales and their long term investments in the project. How dare they putting so much money into our ecosystem without immediate returns :joy: :man_facepalming:


I’m grateful for :whale2: because you are right this project wouldn’t be possible without them. I appreciate their long term investments. However, it would be cool for there to be a little more opportunity for those who don’t have the money to be more involved. I would assume that gaames will change that, because those actively involved can gain more XP which will help with rarity farming (even if they can’t create a rarer gotchi w wearable potions etc)

It’d be cool to potentially develop other mechanisms like the gaames for those that love the project, are engaged on the discord, and want to see it grow, be able to participate more without being a whale.

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