Deflationary Auto-triggered Microhaunts

Mechanics -

5 MicroHaunts of 1000 gotchis, in this order… FUDGHST, FOMOGHST, ALPHAGHST, KEKGHST, GLTRGHST (this can be repeated, if we find this to be popular and effective)

Each entry is 1 LP of the appropriate sort, burned upon entry

The Raffle triggers, when the Daily Average Value of the total entries is over one million GHST

Results -

The portals start off worth 1k GHST, based on the average price of the pool

We burn one million GHST of LPs

People who do not want the raffle to happen, can dump their extra alchemica right into the open arms of those who do

People who want the raffle, and are heavily invested in it, can subsidize it even more, by pumping the LP values at the end

The entries are small enough that scholars and other less well funded folk, can enter a little at a time, and have a shot as a very valuable prize.

There is no way to just buy everything immediately, as you would have to buy an insane amount of that type of alchemica AND stake 500k GHST, AND be sure that noone drove the average prove down. If one WERE to accomplish this… other people would surely also enter on that day, with the alchemica they were simply holding, so… GG ser, you deserve your winnings, and some will still go to other people.


It’s a nice idea, but doesn’t cause deflation for the gotchis! We now have 5k more ghosties out there channeling, too. Which could arguably offset the deflation of the alchemica.

If we really want to appeal to the smol bags, why not use some dao funds to buy portals below X price and raffle them off? Could use a similar mechanic…only run the raffle once X amount of £££ has been sunk into pot. This would put a semi-stable floor on portals as well as achieve the same result of letting the little guy have a chance at winning a top-tier prize.


I would LOVE to see a filter instituted, where if someone sells something for 20% below the floor, the DAO buys it, it goes into a Triffle(Trigger Raffle), and the Triffle triggers when there are at least 100 items in the raffle, and the entries have reached a value of more than 133% of what the DAO paid for the items.

This kills the bazaar bot, and redistributes the wealth amongst the community.

This also means, that if someone were to fat finger something really valuable and there is 99+ items in the pool, the raffle would trigger almost immediately, as people realize there is a myth or godlike in there, and the power is scrambling to fill the pool with their own fund, while others are aping in as fast as they can.

This might sound harsh, but we all know that there are people siphoning off all of the good deals and mistakes, by using bots. This at least spreads the love around and gives the person a shot at getting it back, and it completely takes this source of income away from people that we know are a legitimate drain on the community.

To stop exploits, we would need to exclude tickets, as one could force the Triffle by dumping 0.001 GHST commons on the market. However, if one were to fat finger something of high value, it would be perfectly legitimate, to dump as many common items as needed to make it go off(after you load up the entries, of course)

If the math isn’t readily apparent… The DAO makes 6.4% on the thing overall, the floor is supported, and people have a chance to win a variety of items.



The idea could be piloted on portals and if it works well then rolled out elsewhere. How might this be broken by bad actors though is the question to ask. Say PC buys portals at 500 ghost. It would need a breaker so they don’t just buy everything as people dump. Maybe 100 portals.

Then, people would have to ape in over 50k ghost worth of tickets before the raffle is held. The only concern is how actually PC recovers their money. These tickets could be only purchasable with DAI, thus giving pc some money rather than raffle tickets. It could potentially serve as a mechanism to give pc more dai while offloading some ghost.

Figuring out how to maintain the floor buying is another thing, too.

It’s an interesting idea and something which could work, but it definitely needs some proper thought and discussion. Is the juice worth the squeeze?

I was thinking the DAO would do it, if we are talking the buyback idea. It’ s just floor support with additional funds going to the DAO to do other stuff with and keep the fund liquid.

We could easily calculate a bag size for it that would tap out if things got out of hand… It doesn’t need to be tickets, either, it could be whatever we as a group feel we need, like… more DAI, to swap with PC, when they need it. Or… the DAO could be buying up the dumps/fatfingers, and reauctioning them off in a GBM :slight_smile:


Given all the talk in the Discord chat, this premise could be rolled out for humble parcels. The dao buys 100 humbles and raffles them off. Tickets cost 1 Ghst each and once the pot hits something like 125% of the buy cost, the raffle triggers.

This gives all the scholars and new entrants a chance to own pre-existing land for cheap. No dilution needed

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I’m going to launch this in a new thread as the title doesn’t really apply to the new idea which has spawned.

yep, keeping the weak hand out of sight is pretty helpful, IMHO.

I think the things to do it with would be your “basic gotchi starter pack”

Humble parcels, Portals(do we just mix the H1, H2, open, and closed in together? Seems legit, this is kind of like the grab bags they used to have at discount stores), and random wearables(wearables would be a super fun one, because there’s probably a few amazing items in there)

Yeah, the original idea is a totally different thing… my best effort at answering the age old question - “When IS there demand and how do we measure it?” It’s pretty much overcollateralized to the gills and goes so far into degen town, that it might just “do the thing”