Using Alchemica to Buy Tickets for the Upcoming Raffle

We’re leaving the FRENS system behind, and while a last hurrah is a good thing, there is also an opportunity here to absorb some excess Alchemica. Pixelcraft has spent a lot of time and energy preparing for the next raffle, creating a bunch of installations that I think, if they were gated behind Alchemica, people would go crazy for, just as they did for golden altaars and tiles.

For this raffle (and perhaps future raffles, if we maintain the concept) could there be some way to get tickets/entries into the raffle by burning Alchemica? People will still be able to use tickets they’ve already bought, and will still be able to burn up their remaining FRENS to buy more tickets.

In the future, being able to craft decorative installations like these using alchemica would also be a good sink.

  • Yes, allow the use of both Alchemica and FRENS to buy raffle tickets!
  • No! FRENS only!

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Well I voted no because its only one extra step to convert to GHST right? Seems unnecessary right now.

Alchemica → GHST → Tickets

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I’ll clarify, the idea was to set fixed amounts of Alchemica for which Raffle Tickets could be purchased, similar to how FRENS currently works. The GHST-denominated value of these amounts would be set below the market price of Tickets in the Bazaar, to encourage direct burn instead of selling the Alchemica on the open market for GHST.

Because of the potential for arbitrage, understandably this would be unattractive to those who have already purchased Raffle Tickets using GHST, so as an alternative I would propose separate prize pools: one for Raffle Tickets, and one for Alchemica. Alchemica would not be used to buy Raffle Tickets and instead would buy “entries” into this separate pool.

Making a version of these installations craftable (perhaps for a limited time) could also absorb some Alchemica.

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I like both ideas: making these items craftable AND having an alchemica raffle. PC put a lot of time & energy into the design, and it will be wonderful to see them in the Gotchiverse.

I understand the need to burn the last of the FRENS, but at the same time, we need a way to soak up some of the alchemica being generated. Maybe the flowers could be modified a little so the FRENS raffle ones keep their unique colors while craftable ones (or alchemica raffle ones) have a different palette? Maybe we could craft grass & ferns? Trees exclusively for an alchemica raffle?

Just tossing out ideas here, but…?

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The treez I designed are rigged up so a gotchi can only make one seedling a day, and this costs under $5, so that Scholars can do it. This gives them something they can invest in and sell to us, to gain ground in the game, burns more tokens, and also pumps the rental market a bit, giving something besides “has it channeled” to consider, when deciding which gotchi you might want to rent.

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