Designing a 'Rescuer Incentive' for Neglected Gotchis


Rescuing an aavegotchi (ie. buying a low kinship/XP gotchi off the bazaar) is a costly investment if the gotchi is neglected, and with additional utility for channeling & guild membership around the corner, this will make it even more costly. Further price depreciation can be seen as a natural discount to meet demand as much as it can be seen as a drag on gotchi floor prices overall. Especially if we factor new players into this early environment, there could be a lot to gain from implementing something like this (in whatever form is deemed acceptable).

I want to get the discussion started around this topic and see if we can’t come up with a solution for these potential scenarios before they materialize.


  • Higher floor prices overall. I worry that neglected gotchis will pull down floor prices overall, and we could witness a lot if we get an influx of users and run into retention issues.

  • Potentially reduced churn. Once inactive players may find it more worthwhile to keep their pets and return to the game if their gotchi value is higher. If they don’t return to the game at least the player can predictably know that that asset still has significant value.

  • Potential benefits for the buyer or ‘rescuoor’. With predefined market conditions that qualify for certain gotchis to meet a “neglected” criteria, the rescuer could still find value despite not having that natural discount mentioned in the rationale.


Neglected gotchis are starting to get naturally lower valuations in the bazaar and they are sustainable for now, but the problem could scale with new players in the environment, even with the current incentives for Kin/XP. I personally don’t know what incentive would be the right fit for this type of user profile situation between the hypothetical buyer/seller. An easy one could just be to reset the kinship score to 50, and leave XP to a separate solution, or some type of buyer incentive to at least get those gotchis sold quick to prevent a domino effect across the wider market.

It could be something like an honorary NFT, a badge in that gotchis pocket, resets to 50kin, or some other form of an incentive. Practically speaking it just can’t be gameable (wash trading) and should be a little creative as monetization of anything here would create issues.

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I only have anecdotal evidence here, but the first two gotchis I bought were neglected, and this did not bother me at all. I got a smol discount for it and was happy with my decision.

They get kin faster below 50, so the flipper squad is surer to buy them up and rehab them, the moment the price drops to a point where that is profitable.

The free market works best, IMHO.


I second this response. Also bought a neglected gotchi with decent stats at a bit of a reduced price.

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Right and the current environment supports neglected gotchis but I think I’m looking more into a future scope where say all the sudden kin/XP becomes increasingly more important in terms of overall valuation.

Like a hypothetical scenario where the floors of normal gotchis converge to their non-selling neglected counterparts