Aavegotchi deaths

Discuss deflationary mechanics in general. We need more incentives to sacrifice aavegotchis beyond giving XP. This also combines with incentives to level up.
Total H1 Aavegotchis Sacrificed: [600] (6% of Total H1 Portals)
Total H2 Aavegotchis Sacrificed: [19] (0.13% of Total H2 Portals)

Wearables that can only be acquired through sacrificing gotchis?
Transforming sacrificed gotchis into a smaller or greater kinship potion depending on BRS?
A deep cyberspace area where dead gotchis can rack up negative kinship points when interacted with?
Communing dead gotchis for a limited time for special spells like environmental-only abilities?
Perhaps you can get a downed state or revives for your living gotchi only if you have dead gotchis?

Sacrificing gotchis for XP is a nice deflationary mechanic and we need to support this mechanic and other deflationary features.
The level up idea is already deflationary by itself by making other gotchis better than the other ones, but the problem arises from big level gotchis never dying. I was thinking of leveraging trading through your NFT. Could use a high gain high risk mechanic where gotchis accumulate damage points and are forced to be sacrificed.

Yes. All good ideas. I started a thread recently proposing the option to harvest a sacrificed gotchi for XP potions, rather than being forced to give all the XP to a single gotchi.

Ah as in multiple? to separate the XP in an easy way?

Sacrificing a gotchi could return gotchi’s nectar. This nectar could allow to boost infrastructures in the gotchiverse. Allowing to get Alchemica faster.
It could also be a poison against Liquidators, preventing them from approaching an area.

Ha, I say it’s the opposite: a slain gotchi’s juice would attract a feeding frenzy of liquidators!

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The sacrificing idea is good and the dev team should evolve on it.

I like tying it to item crafting/alchemy in some way. Like, if you take two gotchis equipped with the same set, you can sacrifice one to level up the gear on the remaining one, or maybe you need to burn a gotchi to level up a lodge, once it hits level 6, or maybe when you sacrifice a gotchi, not only do you get its kinship, the act of doing it creates a teleporter, too.

I’m now thinking of perhaps sacrificing portals(indirectly sacrificing gotchis) in order to gain a powerful XP or kinship potion or a random item between legendary and mythical.

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The upside to this is that it slows the dilution of rarity.

Every portal that opens, there is a chance that a new high end gotchi is introduced, and as you get 6 rolls, it means that the rarity curve, is not really the rarity curve, as people select for certain characteristics, always - they want highest BRS but will pick a dual myth eye gotchi over almost anything, and they pick myth stats over everything, making the “average” gotchi non existent.

If you cut out the middle man there, and make it so you get the kinship or XP of a 90 day old gotchi, for sacrificing a closed portal and half that for sacrificing an open one, you will see the portal supply deplete quickly and we’ll be able to get to H3 even quicker, while shrinking the pool, driving the market, clearing out old stock, and making the food more than just a button you cant use and some unreasonable bazzaar listings.

You could go further and make it be this math…

Closed Portal base reward is 180xp
Open Portal Base Reward is 120kin and 60 xp
You then divide the base by the portals haunt. This makes older haunts more valuable.

We could go further(and represent the way the market values them based on age) and introduce a bonus mod, where to checks the portals ranking in age to see what percentile it is at, and we subtract that % from the reward. For example, if your portal is low number like 300, its probably in top 2%… so subtract 2% from the reward. This will clear out all the old stock and make portals worth more as they age, instead of less, which is actually what’s happening, because lets be real… do you want a ghst h3 gotchi, or do you want an H1, with broken collateral, just for the chance at the discontinued eyes/collaterals, and a background that gives you +1 rarity? The rational actor goes for the H3…

I’ll gladly write up a proposal for it :smiley:

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Lets kill aavegotchi if one was not petted for 500 days
Meaning the owner probably died or they don’t cared about the project for almost 2 years

your aavegotchi will still alive if you pet them every 499th days


It should go to the graveyard, in a section next to the bones of the sacrificed gotchis :smiley:

Like a deadman switch. I like it, though maybe directed at portals to remove the outstanding supply and uncertainty of potential dilution that would only grow with each round of Gotchis. After 5 years, unopened portals are destroyed.