Aavegotchi deaths

Discuss deflationary mechanics in general. We need more incentives to sacrifice aavegotchis beyond giving XP. This also combines with incentives to level up.
Total H1 Aavegotchis Sacrificed: [600] (6% of Total H1 Portals)
Total H2 Aavegotchis Sacrificed: [19] (0.13% of Total H2 Portals)

Wearables that can only be acquired through sacrificing gotchis?
Transforming sacrificed gotchis into a smaller or greater kinship potion depending on BRS?
A deep cyberspace area where dead gotchis can rack up negative kinship points when interacted with?
Communing dead gotchis for a limited time for special spells like environmental-only abilities?
Perhaps you can get a downed state or revives for your living gotchi only if you have dead gotchis?

Sacrificing gotchis for XP is a nice deflationary mechanic and we need to support this mechanic and other deflationary features.
The level up idea is already deflationary by itself by making other gotchis better than the other ones, but the problem arises from big level gotchis never dying. I was thinking of leveraging trading through your NFT. Could use a high gain high risk mechanic where gotchis accumulate damage points and are forced to be sacrificed.

Yes. All good ideas. I started a thread recently proposing the option to harvest a sacrificed gotchi for XP potions, rather than being forced to give all the XP to a single gotchi.

Ah as in multiple? to separate the XP in an easy way?

Sacrificing a gotchi could return gotchi’s nectar. This nectar could allow to boost infrastructures in the gotchiverse. Allowing to get Alchemica faster.
It could also be a poison against Liquidators, preventing them from approaching an area.

Ha, I say it’s the opposite: a slain gotchi’s juice would attract a feeding frenzy of liquidators!