Does Your Gotchi Gang want a 3 Month Comic Project?

How about you buy this NFT on behalf of your guild?

I’ll work on your guild’s behalf. – creating a 30-45 page comic about this woman, entering the REALM, and having a sexy adventure with some gotchi frens, while overcoming some kind of dystopian social issue.

I’ll share this project widely – everywhere I can on the internet for free – and re-direct all traffic back to your GotchiGang Discord of choice.

I’ve already begun working on art assets that I think would apply to this nascent project.

I think she starts out here in her gloomy modern NEET room in the real world:

And then there is probably a disruption in space and time, and a Portal opens in her room:

And then she gets to enter the REALM [in some specific location you can decide:]

Then that specific part of the map gets to be filled out with separate environment assets – [Is this South Beach, right outside of the Citadel?]

Meet some interesting people [and Their Gotchis]:


There are some additional details I listed in the NFT.

Basically, I need to commit to a project for around 3 months, and serve my audience.

But, my audience just wants a good sexy story, with well drawn art, and some kind of fantasy they can sink their teeth into.

This means that I could also serve the Gotchi Community, while making this comic, and it would be a net positive thing.

Plus, If I could work for any web3 community with this project right now - it would be the Gotchis.


I will also fund the project on Kickstarter, and share the comic widely everywhere I can, as well as any videos I make out of the process, or out of the final product in collaboration with my Composer | Voice Actress Frens.

The GotchiGang who funds this project will get their Discord Link shilled, so people can onboard to your gang.

Or, you could designate that I just direct them to the main server.

The art assets and music can be used for other things if the community likes, and I can make the environments I paint a separate layer. So, the environments and music may be able to be used for games, if people were inspired to do that.


The only thing that comes to mind, is that people need to be okay with this being a “warmly pornographic fantasy adventure” – meaning, there will be some consensual sexy character art, but there is also a storyline, and anything that is sexy that is happening, is a bit light-hearted, or occuring between friends.

My own audience is interested in erotic comics, and I have been building out a Kickstarter following for about 3 years, and experimenting with sharing my work on Reddit | Twitter | Skillshare etc.

I would really enjoy doing this and would have no problem committing – as I’m living in my van right now, and have minimal expenses, and this is an ideal project for me.

However, I need some kind of financial indication that this is something that the gotchi community wants to do with me.

So, I made the NFT linked above, and put it on sale for the next 6 days.

If someone or some group of people buys it – then you have my commitment on this project – and I’ll do my best, and we’ll see about shipping something useful, and directing people to a gotchigang, and creating a lot of assets people can use, and putting a nice bow-tie on the end of it – like a short story.

The length will be such that there could be a print thing later, if enough people are interested – but mostly, it will just be me committing to build out a cool gotchi comic for adults – for around 12 weeks of labor.

[likely a bit more - but that’s cool, cause I can diversify funding - I just want to get started.]

Open to questions and discussion.

And if the time passes, and people don’t buy it, then I’ll assume that now was not a good time, or that NSFW comics are not a good match for the gotchi community – and no harm done.

Thanks for reading.


I’m interested in the idea of creating a story, through a comic, of our little Aavegotchi frens.
Creating a more immersive experience by elaborating on lore is great.
It’s a very good idea, though I’m not quite sure how I feel about the erotic side of things.
While I see no issue with your intentions and I wish you success, I don’t know that I would want my Guild associated with pornographic mediums. It strikes me as a niche that will not vibe with everybody I intend to market to.

I have been informed that gotchis are envisioned as a SFW project.

If I do work in a graphic novel format for gotchis, it will be for adults, while still SFW - Similar to a Ghost in The Shell vibe. This will be something I revisit at the end of the year.

I am someone who makes erotic comics, and values Aavegotchi as a project - if those are not compatible, that is fine.

Thank you for the response.