What about gotchi breeding?

Two adult gotchi consume 3000kin and 100GHST to give birth to a baby gotchi. Then small gotchi random Portal haunt: 3 looks. Then the little gotchi costs 1500kin and 100GHST to become an adult gotchi. It takes about 2 years for a small gotchi to grow up. The small gotchi has limited functions, but can pick up candies.
I think this way of opening Portal haunt: 3 is fair and just.
And introduce tower grade. You need to upgrade to level 9 tower to multiply.

No comment on your idea.

Just want to let you know it takes 1500/2 days minus 50/2 days to get 1500 kin

The value can be adjusted and discussed. Gotchi is pregnant for 30 days, and then gltr can accelerate.

I want nothing to do with gotchi breeding mechanics until long after we have more gameplay and gotchiverse buidl out. I’ve yet to see a well done breeding project and assume saturation and tempo is the only outcome.

Thanks for the creative idea but I’m not a fan personally.


If there is haunt:3, I hope to launch it in this way.
Yes, we need to upgrade level 9 tower to breed. Each tower will have a long cooling time.