Dust Alchemica (dAlchemica)

This is a new idea/proposal that builds on the feedback from the Fractionalized Land Renting (turn spillover back on) idea. It strips away the complexity of fractionlized land rentals whilst still attempting to solve the same problems. I believe it also solves the exploits pointed out with the old idea. Please read all the way through, as everything is connected, and leave any feedback.


  • A lot of land is underutilized causing oversupply.
  • With spillover turned off lower level farms are less attractive.
  • Spillover was too extractive
  • Daily active users are low


There’s 3 parts to the solution and they all need to work together to make this viable.

1. Turn on spillover using dAlchemica

  • All spillover is dAlchemica
  • dAlchemica is soulbound to the person picking it up
  • dAlchemica has ONLY 2 uses:
    • To craft the below installation
    • To upgrade harvesters/reservoirs (can use a combination of dAlchemica and real Alchemica)

2. Create a new craftable installation - The Convertoor

  • Acts as a harvester and reservoir in one
  • Can only be purchased in dAlchemica - converts Dust Alchemica into Real Alchemica
  • Has the following recipe:


  • Yield is Real Alchemica and comes from the parcel
  • Breaks after the maximum yield has been achieved
  • Can be moved between parcels (maximum yield counter continues)
  • A user can empty all Convertoors (that they own) on a parcel once a day.
  • A Convertoor counts towards the parcels maximum harvesters number

3. Create a new parcel permission

  • Allows anyone to build Convertoors on the parcel
  • Parcels with this permissions are indicated with a different color in the UI
  • If this permission is removed then all the Convertoors are returned to their owners

That is cool.The method you have come up with will help land development.

Hey fren,

I really appreciate you continuing to refine this idea in order to bring the community together over the spillover challenges.

The idea behind this is brilliant. The positives I see:

• Players who truly want to play AND earn will be rewarded in the long run. They just now need to stick around for awhile to see those rewards.
• This should foster a player base of quality individuals who actually wish to integrate into the aavegotchi ecosystem.
• By including the convertoors as part of the total allowed harvesters, we should begin to see some sprawl onto the map and utilisation of empty lands.
• This mechanism should really help with bots. Now that dAlch is bound to a wallet, you can’t have a bot army running around hoovering everything into one collective wallet. It also adds a gap in time between collecting and harvesting yield. This would make it easier to detect and remove bots from the game.

A few things to consider or refine:

• What to do about an installation that is linked with bot activity? Is it simply destroyed?
• The total yield may be a bit unforgiving. I think some data would be helpful, but it might be better at a total yield of 150% before breaking.
• The built-in reservoir capacity may be worth increasing. I am not sure that low yield is worth a transaction during high volume times (especially during a bull market)
• How do current lending permissions work with dAlch? Does the Gotchi owner get a % of dAlch too or does it all go to the scholars?

I really like where this is going and hope to see a rendition of this live in the verse soon :slight_smile:


Yes to all that from both of you. Good job on this Mark. This is very streamlined and will fit in nicely with Caartidges as well. I really like how there is a benefit to owner for finding good people, too. Carrots not sticks, FTW.

The split goes to the renter as dAlch, the owner sees no change, also gets a kick down later if they rented to a non botter.

Lock it, then review it, then burn it or unlock it as appropriate.


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Nice idea and could be a good game mechanic.

I like the idea of spillover being different than regular alchemica and called dFUD, dFOMO, dALPHA, dKEK.

Convertoor Installation:
Look at the Convertoor as a refinery that processes d-alchemica to regular alchemica. This process has a cost and takes time.

cost to process

  • no spillover on a Convertoor, this is the ending of the spillover cycle.
  • parcel owner gets 30%, encourage users to actually use this installation. split needs more thought,
  • process takes X days, could be sped up using GLTR. More thought needs to go into how much time to refine.
  • Processing is done in batches so the refinery can handle X number of batches per day with a minimum size per batch (discourage grieving attack and encourage spillover collectors to keep working)

Parcel owner needs to be compensated, really it’s passive income. The fee also is to encourage spillover collectors to spend dAlchemica. No reason for this installation to have spillover. Ultimately we want spillover collector to buy a parcel and craft their own which is great.

Using dAlchemica:
Better outcome would be spillover collectors directly use dAlchemia for build and not lose any percentage of their collected spillover and there is no lock up.
This would also be the case for parcels owners that collect their own spillover. They can convert it to Alchemica or use dAlchemica directly. Everyone that collects spillover is treated the same.

If the gotchiverse could track dAlchemica per spillover collector then there is no need to create another ERC-20 token. It would be in-game credit, which really simplifies this feature.
There would need to be a new installation, Convertoor NFT and has a craft cost. See Mark’s recipe above, except I think it could be a little bit more expensive.
Also, I’d remove spillover from this installation.
Numbers that need to be worked out in this model:

  • Is 70/30 split too much to collector? Should split be set by the Parcel owner that installs the Convertoor?
  • What should the time be to process a batch of dAlchemica?
  • Number of batches processed per day?
  • Minimum / Maximum dAlchemica batch size? How to calculate a batch size? Could be 50 dAlchemica, I’d think about 2 hours work collecting.
  • Is there Convertoor upgrading? If so what are the properties that change when upgrading?
  • Can GLTR be used to speed up refining dAlchemica to Alchemica?

Tell me if I’m making this too complicated or maybe there is a way to simplify the Convertoor. I like the idea, thanks to Mark for proposing.

dAlchemica would have to be ERC-20 tokens

Upward vertical for spillover collectors:

  • allow parcel owners to list parcels in dAlchemica. It would allow collectors to buy a parcel using spillover
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Great Idea,

i wouldnt complicate it much.

Make converter new installation (levelling up has better efficiency / shorter convert time)…no spillover from that.

You need parcel to build up converter, so it means, scholars will need to own land, in order to convert alchemica for dollar = we get new user to ecosystem.

In an effort to focus the discussion and move Mark’s topic forward

Discussion points:

  1. Spillover is dAlchemica, dAlchemica is a non-transferable ERC-20
  2. Convertoor is a new installation
  3. There is some fee and time cost to converting dAlchmica to Alchemica
  4. dAlchemica can be used to upgrade existing installations
  5. dAlchemica can be used to craft new installations