End race to bottom - Set collision detection to include wearables

As we do not have wearable effects yet, all gotchis are equal right now, and this is making the market a bit strange. I have found a thing we can do to give a small bit of differentiation between the gotchis, for the playdrop.

By making the collision detection use the wearables, too, this makes what wearable you are equipping, affect the vertical and horizontal size of the gotchi by 1-10% in any direction.

For example, here’s a geisha with a cactus and bow…

As you can see… the shape is different per direction, so there will be combos that are better and worse, and each gotchi would have a slightly different setup in terms of what direction it has the largest profile.

This would create a much more lively wearables market as well as give people more to sell about their gotchis, than just the low low low price or promises of guild rewards later.

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From my experience using Phaser, we need to be cautious of the performance overhead of pixel-perfect collision detection, especially with the number of gotchis we can have on screen at once.

If it can be added in a way that doesn’t hurt performance too much (we need to also consider the use of smart phone / tablet devices in the future) this would be a good feature to have.


Excellent input. If we can achieve all with the intent of bringing the game to live on mobile… Then Aavegotchi is gonna be big!!!
Noice fren!