Upgrade dressing room to be mini-game selection interface

Problems this solves:

  1. Wearables and high BRS gotchis have no yield outside of RF
  2. It’s a costly pain in the butt to swap wearables around just to play different games and try different strategies
  3. A wearable rental market would be complex and expensive to implement

My solution:
Pay @diddlypoo to break “The Dressing Room” off into an API that any game can use.
Modify it so that it pulls all the items and gotchis in your inventory into a selection matrix, allowing you to use any of the gotchis or items in any combination, to play the mini-game.


  1. This will give wearables and high end gotchis a daily yield from short term rentals(you could put one godlike or other desirable item on a floor gotchi, to just rent out the wearable)
  2. This removes the need for on-chain activity when trying out different combinations in a game.
  3. The work is halfway done, this is a mod and a port to API
  4. This does the same thing as building out wearable rentals, except it wouldn’t work for RF, which is fine, because that adds extra value to asset ownership.

Love this idea. I already use the Dressing Room to help map out how i use my wearables.


i like the idea of expanding the dressing room as an api for game deving and just the community in general!
whats "the mini-game " tho? im not sure i understand
and how would this bring yield to high brs gotchis or wearables?

mini game is short for “any game that isn’t part of the core protocol” <-these games are are web2 stuff with a web3 tie in. They are just loading your gotchi in as is. This is clunky and not helpful to the market, gameplay, and frankly, it’s the very basics of having some sort of consistent experience between games that ties all of this together.

It brings yield to desirable assets because people can use the assets in any of these games, simply by renting an appropriate gotchi.

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