Interchangeable collateral EFFECT

I believe, by adding interchangeable EFFECT, we will create various coordination gameplays, especially for guilds.
If we make the gotchi collateral effect permanent, many characters won’t be balanced, and others will be too overpowered. Thats why I’m proposing to make them interchangeable, for example:

(1) race (say all UNI gotchis) collected the highest amount of FUD/FOMO/ALPHA/KEK collected by the gotchi race, will receive on 1 of 4 unique effects
(2) top XP race per period => +% farm
(3) top PVP => + base dmg
etc …

Now your guild must have farm and pvp strategy! But also it can create coins vs coins contests… Think about it!


I would argue that it is also anti-bot mechanics, because for them it will be harder to coordinate

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I like it… I have the basis of this built into my eye color and shape proposition. I haven’t made it readable by a 5 year old yet, but here’s the engineer class proposal… if you have some suggestions, I can work them in.


The TL;DR on it is that the eyes combine to give you a unique flavor on your gotchi that makes it better at farming, no matter what, but the collateral eyes turn them into specialists, based on what your needs are.

When I went through and distilled everyone’s comments on the subject, I found that the overwhelming trend is that people think that even though know eyes are useless, they are the most valued trait. We also did nothing to actually help distinguish farming traits, in the trait discussion, so making the eyes be the farm stuff is perfect. This doesnt break any PVP mechanics, but it adds another layer of complexity to the market, which wll drive more activity and will benefit those who put in the time to formulate cohesive plans, more than those who are just asking “whats a good gotchi” on the discord and hoping for a one sentence answer. This doesn’t change the answer given (it was ALWAYS double myth eyes… over 100 times, did someone say that as the reply, and it was mostly whales telling it to noobs, so read that however you want to.) so we’re not changing that, but now there is a reason for every gotchi in between, and reasons for wanting a specific type, as once you start playing, you’ll realize one of those fits your play style and pays you to act like you already do.

This took me 14 hours to do in Mira… is there a better app to explain complex concepts like this? Maybe I’m just trying to explain something that needs multiple pictures, in one diagram…

This isn’t even close to what I actually want to do, as it doesn’t touch on the role playing things we can do with the eyes and only focuses on the core mechanics that once we set them, we cannot change, as people will have built their whole strategies around them.

ANYTHING math based you want to throw in, please feed my ideas today and I’ll work them into my final presentation, as I am not trying to get MY idea to win, I am trying to make a thing that services everyone’s needs and expectations, drives the market, and has enough complexity to ensure that there are so many ways to win that the market stays lively on its own, without needing more giveaways and events to drive cycles.