EYS and EYC Trait Implementation in the Gotchiverse

My thoughts with the laser eyes is that it would be hilarious (and we need to keep it light and funny, since people take/will take this game dead serious and money is involved) simple to implement, we could module the time to charge vs weakness/strength of the laser, and we could easily increase or scale back the power of said lasers in order to make game balancing easier for the devs and forward testers (ourselves). The simplicity of low rarity = defense/ high rarity = damage makes it so all gotchis can have this (thought common eyes would have it less), and the collateral could theoretically confer extra abilities/damage types, which would effectively be very similar, just look different, making balance simplified. I would go simpler there and just have the MKR/USDT pair be opposed, meaning if you had MKR, you’d be better against USDT, but against everyone else you’d be the same, which would keep collateral eyes from being OP against the rest of the ecosystem. That way you could KIS and pit the philosophies of the different tokens and DeFi protocols against each other in a fun way. OTOH You could even go simpler and have collateral have knock-back force.

But most importantly, we have to make the little gotchis jiggle and bounce while they’re charging, and the auras have to get bigger as they power up. That’s very important.


Just in case anyone thinks things are moving along at an acceptable rate…

We’re super behind, and this is our fault, as a community.
If you ever wanted your opinion to count, now is the time.

We need to finish this, and finish the wearable traits, and then go around for pass two on everything. They literally can’t design the other things without these core mechanics locked in.


Maybe it’s time for a community call to align our efforts with Pixelcraft’s statuses on each of these issues. We need to prioritize the things that are most holding up the team. For example, “wearable traits” isn’t even broadly defined, so it’s pretty hard to move beyond brainstorming.

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Dan popped into the traits thread, right after we did the first 4 traits, and we were working on the wearables, and specifically said they need eyes done first. That’s why this is the current priority, for that whole set of things. We’ve already started on the wearables, but that is on hold till we get this locked in.

Alright so thinking about this again, it feels too balanced. The more common eyes feel like they should be less powerful and the way you’ve divvied stuff makes it an even split. Also just in general this isn’t exactly super digestible mechanic to explain alone, let alone adding it to the behemoth that is this game XD


I just put placeholder numbers in… I was hoping people would have opinions on what appropriate numbers were.

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I found this discussion really interesting, like the various points made about the eye utility and what exactly that could mean

I am all for creating less dev intensive solutions but also allowing room for the rarer eye to have room for additional utility as the game beings to pick up

It makes sence that a Mythical eye trait should have abilities which are a little more outstanding than a common eye type without affecting the core gameplay a whole lot

That being said, if the common types don’t have ANY advantageous use over the mythy’s then the myths will become more ‘common’ over time defeating the whole purpose of a Mythical in the first place

We will be discussing some of the items in the forum here today on Gotchi Spaces tonight and you’re all welcome to join. Would love to hear your inputs :slight_smile:


Maybe eyes could let you travel at a higher altitude? Like a drone feature where you can see a little bit farther zoomed out if you go up high. Perhaps eye shape could be distance you can view at altitude and eye color could be the detail you can see?



EYS could determine how much of the world a gotchi can see.
EYC could show alchemica or certain things pop up on the map.


Mythical eyes show alchemica on the minimap…


Another way to do this is have EYS give you a sonar style ping on the minimap, that shows you where other gotchis are. The higher the rarity the faster it spins. This would be good for prospecting and situational awareness.

Another one, is that you could do the alchemical vision by making all alchemica outside a certain radius or zoom level, be grey. The better your eyes, the higher level of zoom you see color at. This one has the added benefit of messing with any bots that use a screen reader.


Thank goodness other people responded so I can spam you with eye-laser chat again!

I do like these special ability suggestion @SlickBB. They would give the game a more RPG feel, otoh, simple lasers would give it an 8bit retro game feel. The further zoomout function would also be great and low-dev-intensive @HARDKOR

The reason I like these powers is that they are focused on combat/melee and not just another way to make picking up money off the ground easier for higher rarity gotchis. Personally, I want this game to be fun for everyone, and be about more than just money, or else the whole thing will get boring really quick.

About the common eye traits, though, they should be pretty mundane, and all the powers have to somehow conceptually scale, so we can use the rarity to calculate their strength.

@HARDKOR re: game Dev timing not moving at an ‘acceptable rate’ and that it’s ‘our fault as a community’…

I strongly disagree with this. Game development is H-A-R-D. Art + Code = exponential difficulty. Add in DeFi, Crypto, Economics and all the rest of it, and it gets exponentially harder. Not to mention multiplayer server meshing to get thousands of players online.

This is God-Tier game development. Just the fact that they’ve been able to launch the Aalpha only a couple months later than they claimed is an impressive feat when it comes to games. I think that every administrative decision thus far made by Pixelcraft has been exemplary, especially the constant updates, and loosely living up to most of the deadlines.

If we voted to support their original trait mappings and didn’t come in hot wanting changes, they by all means would have released it on stated schedule. These changes are our prerogative, and we’re wise to take time refining them, because they will forever initialize the game-state that evolves over the coming decades. So, none of this is our fault - it’s not a fault - it’s a feature we’ve collectively decided to improve upon, thus extending the projected release date for those features.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.


You just made my point… we broke their map and the dev time they had allocated to this earlier, when we changed the traits, so now it’s on us to fix it, and we are dragging our feet. It is not on them, it is on US :smiley:

Nowhere did I say the devs weren’t doing more than enough. I’m sorry if it came off that way. I literally meant what you just said, right up to that last part.

We do not have infinite time to do this stuff. We at a base minimum, need to get the hard coded part that involve “this changes the way the game economy works and makes this gotchi more valuable than that gotchi” type of ability mappings, before the realm is launched.

There’s about to be a huge influx of capital, and it’s important to have market transparency.

That, and the devs need time to code what we decide to do, so it’s not like we do this, make a proposal, and it gets implemented. It might be a month after we decide, that things get shipped.

PS - THANK YOU for participating in the discussion!

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Oops! Sorry - I misunderstood and that’s probably because I don’t contribute enough to these conversations to know the whole vibe.

In that case, yeah, I do agree we need it locked in, but man… so many options!

I worry about eyec + eyes allowing players to see alchemica from further away / see it on sonar being OP… that would make Gotchis that don’t have that ability almost unplayable. Value would plummet overnight. Meteors would drop. The next Vitalik would rage quit and invent the next blockchain to topple ETH. This scares me.

As for lasers - it’s possible we could make them all the same strength, but lower rarity will require more charge time. Just another thought. That would keep them from being OP. And since you can’t increase the rarity, that would make sure people min/maxing wouldn’t feel cheated.

One option that I specifically liked was the “handling” modifier. Of course, in physics, handling is determined mostly by speed, so slowing down = better handling, but since we seem to have voted down speed differentials in gotchis (based on eh, speed), I think the idea was to use EYC rarity as a handling modifier? I kindof like this idea. it’s adding a lot of stuff onto EYC but… where else do we put it?

I do think that a handling modifier is important to a degree, first because it makes battle and travel more fun, but also because it makes gathering alchemica more challenging. Single taps to change trajectory is very 8Bit but also a little primitive as far as movement. I would personally vote to keep handling as a handicap/modifier in. It just doesn’t make sense that all gotchis move like dragonflies with perfect 90 degree turns… seems it should be more organic/chaotic. This is probably EXTRA bullsh*t on top of the other powers, but I thought I’d mention it… or forever hold my peace.

The map zoom is decent as a power as well, and doesn’t seem too OP for a power that increases with rarity, especially if we can lower these abilities if they do turn out OP.

But what @SlickBB was saying with EYS conferring more RPG type powers does have a lot of appeal, and would give the DAO something to do forever, as well as keep those Devs busy with each haunt…

It might even naturally delay haunts because we’d have to figure out what the hell each new collateral would do…

Maybe we should start with a snapshot that effectively asks:
“Do we want RPG style abilities for each collateral, a la Baldur’s Gate turn-based situations, or do we want real-time exploration/battle abilities (laser eyes & handling modifiers) with bonuses/weaknesses based on protocol compatibility?” or something to that effect, so that we can see what the vast majority of players want, before we go solidifying our ideas either way.


It does not have to be either way.

These are ALL things that could be affected by eyes, and as many of them are minor, it’s 100% ok to stack these things. You can put them in bands and scramble them up if you want, some can be a yes no thing, some might be a %, some might just be a color selection. This makes gotchis have character and be more than just some numbers.

As we stated early on… we can add as much RPG as we want, later, in pass 2. For now… we just need to pick some core mechanical things that we are OK with locking in.

Click yes on everything you think is a good idea. Neutral or no is no click.

  • Alchemica detection
  • Alchemica Speed
  • Road speed
  • Psysics Based Handling
  • XP
  • KIN
  • Treasure Affinity
  • Alch Pickup Range
  • Carry Capacity
  • Alchemica Free Speed
  • Minimap gotchi Radar
  • Alch affinities in general
  • Vision range effects
  • Any effects that are part of the other four traits

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For reference… this was the things already decided in the prior discussion



Poll looks good but what category does “Unique special” fall under @HARDKOR ?

@Honeymoon regarding handling. I do like handling as a feature in game but not sure if it would be super meaningful long term in a typical trait tradeoff scenario. ie IMHO I think players will adjust to their handling pretty quickly regardless of where on EYC it falls.

However perhaps handling could fall under “Encumbrance”? Eg the more alchemica a gotchi is carrying the more sluggish and slow he gets? Perhaps that’s where we can fit handling in? It would make nice physical sense for a gotchi to handle worse the bigger his load in the “trunk”. Plus it makes handling dynamic for every single player on any given play session further improving play variability.

What is unique special? I don’t even remember that one :smiley: It sounds fancy, though, so full support!

Pretty much just giving every single EYS a unique special or ultimate ability. I did a post a couple posts up on it.

It’s like an extension of eye lasers but instead of only having a laser ability that does damage you also introduce different abilities that might heal, freeze, burn, slow, poison etc for each different eye shape.


I support unique special abilities, because you said “eye lasers”.

If they also have special abilities like, freezing, burning, slowing, weakening, (some could even be healing, tbf), then that would be additional coolness.

Also, remember the charge time differential.

I feel weird about giving bonuses to aavegotchis with rare eyes a better ability to see/pickup/collect alchemica, because that is a bit OP if you ask me - especially since common gotchis will be unable to improve in this area. I fear that would make them suddenly a bad investment.

I am open to changing my thoughts on this point, though.


Remember that freezing, burning, knock-backs, area-of-effect slowing, all these things would effectively improve a gotchis ability to collect alchemica, without implicitly giving them better ability to see/collect alchemica, by giving them added tools to compete with other gotchis. Just seems more fair that way.