Bring Aavegotchi to Real Life

Part of why I personally love Aavegotchi is because of the fun, reminiscent feeling it brings us from the Tamagotchi / Pokemon pixelated pet era. Thus, whilst the core dev team focuses on building the Aavegotchi metaverse to be rich in gameplay… I think some progress should also be done to bring Aavegotchi into the palm of our hands.

  • How would you like to pet your Aavegotchi on your Fitbit watch?
  • Increase kinship score when interacting with other Aavegotchis?
    (e.g. remember putting two Digimon devices together lols)
  • Is it worthwhile to manufacture standalone toys like Tamagotchi did?

The Challenge

Manufacturing is an entire beast of its own that requires a multitude of skilled people to manage material selection, supplier sourcing, product quality, logistics, inventory planning, fulfillment and support.

Also, the economics of Aavegotchi versus Tamagotchi are VASTLY different. People are currently buying portals in the Baazaar between 400 $GHST ~ 1000 $GHST. These are the prices right now without a physical version needing to exist…

  • Would you be willing to pay for a physical product? How much more? 2000 $GHST?
  • Can the price difference cover costs and generate a profit for the DAO? is it worth doing? or
  • Would it be better to just build apps / tools that can extend the Aavegotchi experience to the physical realm e.g. do not get into manufacturing; just integrate with smartphones / fitbit

Signal your Interest

The dream of this thread is to bring Aavegotchi into real life.
So that Aavegotchi can

  • Capture more new interest.
  • Extend its relatability to the mainstream.
  • Become one of the first NFT examples of bridging virtual with the physical

Achieving this dream can take many directions.
However, we first need to validate how many of us in the community want this dream?

Do you want to carry your Aavegotchi around in real life?

Signal your interest on the Snapshot page here.

If we have overwhelming indication that the answer is yes… then we’ll proceed to discuss the how… scope out the efforts and resources involved and grow this thread.


This is - by far - THE absolute best proposal I’ve seen. I absolutely love this and YES, I would be willing to pay 2k GHST for a hand-held version. You said this is just to signal interest, but I just have to write some of my thoughts down regarding your proposal. Hope you don’t mind fren.

Instead of going the “easy” route and making a smartwatch app, or a low budget hand-held device, we should push it to the limit and make it the best hand-held device it can be. Things that only make sense for a Gotchi-like device! And make it the future of finance!

[Reasons for a standalone hand-held device]

  • Smartwatch Integration is nice, but it is not bringing back those nostalgic memories from our childhoods. For that, we need a stand-alone device!

  • Aavegotchi is supposed to be a DeFi thing right? So you can put collateral and stuff inside. So why not make the 200 IQ move and partner up with Trezor or Ledger for manufacturing? Make the Aavegotchi device a hardware wallet!

  • After giving it WiFi, Bluetooth (or oldschool IR), gyroscope, and accelerometer, one could implement new minigames, unique to Aavegotchi device owners. Step-counter, pet-counter, Digimon-Pet like battle mechanics. And probably much more that I can’t think off right now. You could even implement a cool unlocking motion for the hardware wallet part. Aave…Aave…Aave…Aavegotchi HOOOOOOOO. Aavegotchis are on the move, Aavegotchis are lose!

  • One could use it as a dongle / fob to lock / unlock smart stuff and it is backed by the blockchain. How cool would that be?

  • One could add a sim card slot and receiver for wireless payments, so the Aavegotchi can accept wireless payments. Imagine early adopters putting their Aavegotchi device on peoples phones to receive payment. And with every payment, the Aavegotchi earns some value. Maybe Kinship, maybe a new value like satiation.

Those are just the things off the top of my head. Maybe some of this might be interesting to people. I think we have the unique opportunity to do some serious pioneering here frens!

[But how would we finance this?]

We could do a decentralized Kickstarter thing. People can put in their GHST and get an Aavegotchi hardware-device token back. Those could be redeemed to buy one or more first generation Aavegotchi devices. And if the pool doesn’t reach the amount needed for R&D + manufacturing, people could just swap it back to GHST.

My personal statement regarding the Aavegotchi project:
I always actively resisted crypto. Aavegotchi was actually the project that changed my mind and that I bought my very first crypto for. And now I’m hooked, despite the fact that things haven’t been going as well as they could have. I payed about 30% more for my ETH on localcrypto. It took me 36h to find a seller willing to sell to a person with 0 transactions and then get everything set up and transferred to Polygon and stuff. And then I wasn’t even fast enough to get in on Haunt 1. So I ended up buying a portal for 800% on the bazaar. That is the impact that this project has had on me and I still think the potential is limitless!


I agree with physical electronic devices, even non-electronic devices like plushies.

Manufacturing is an entire beast of its own that requires a multitude of skilled people to manage material selection, supplier sourcing, product quality, logistics, inventory planning, fulfillment and support.

Easy if you’re not completely inexperienced at finding quality people and signing contracts, it depends how many you want to make. You’ll let buyers pay shipping fees.

  • Would you be willing to pay for a physical product? How much more? 2000 $GHST?

Why would I pay anything more than 2-5$ for a toy that costs 20-50 cents to produce? Even a second-hand android 5.0 smartphone only costs 25$-50$. we are not Apple.
Producing custom smartwatches really isn’t that hard nor expensive to make if you’re not a complete newbie who doesn’t even know who to ask. Only mindless celebrities get scammed by the “Ooh it’s custom you got to pay 5000% more” just like crypto scammers ask 5000$ for a generic ERC20 that you can generate for free. Or an auto buyer bot for 5 ethereum which others for Ebay scalper bots ask 200$ maximum for the most advanced bot possible.
I fully agree with physical merchandise and digital piggybanks, just don’t get scammed with pretentious wannabes who think they’re Apple to ask 3000$ for a device that should be worth 50$.


@coderdan @Jesse_gldnXross Thank you guys SO MUCH for putting this on the roadmap! That totally made my day!!! You guys ROCK! Can’t wait to hold one in my hand!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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I am a big fan of this proposal. I recently purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club ape and would love to have a digital frame that could act as a hardware, off-line wallet that the art could both be stored and displayed in. Something similar would be cool for the Aavegotchi. A device like a Bitcoin clock that can sit on my desk or hang from my wall where I can store my token and when needed, interact with the website to add wearables or vote on proposals would be really cool but a smart watch or tomigotchi type device would rock as well.

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