Rewarding Play to Win

The Problem
Aavegotchi has grown massive volume and worth but in that financial development there has not been equal gaming development. With the explosive values NFT’s have provided there was never a chance for development to keep up as we have seen across the entire NFT gaming space. Because of this, pay to win has become an accepted model.
The Potential Solution
We here in Aavegotchi have been presented with an unique opportunity through our DAO and community developed model provided to us, outside games are capable of providing our Aavegotchis with rewards. Aavegotchi Pacman fluidly connects your Aavegotchi with the game’s interface so you can watch as your fren piles up points, it’s very satisfying for those of us who bought into Gotchi excited for the mini games! By rewarding players who put time into this mini game we can start a snowball effect of developers designing games for Aavegotchi and if we decide it worthy it can be capable of farming rewards. The world of Aavegotchi could explode over night! However, as we have all seen with aspects such as voting, many players wont get involved without a reward. So lets get this party started!
The Proposal
Lets reward the leaderboards (includes 50 scores) of Aavegotchi Pacman:
1st place: 100xp
2nd place: 90xp
3rd place: 80xp
4th place: 70xp
5th place: 60xp
6-10th place: 50xp
11-25th place: 35xp
26-50th place: 20xp
Placements will be solidified for rewards if this idea ever reaches then closes as a core vote. Further rewards will need to be discussed as the world develops.

All respect to the developer who got this started daleharvey
Check out the game here Aavegotchi Pacman


I did enjoy the pacman game but after all, it is and will be a 3rd party minigame
I don’t think we can reward people for just any 3rd party minigame that comes along…
unless we create the policy to do it for all 3rd party games.

but that would beg the question where do you draw the line?
how good does a minigame need to be to be endorsed?

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Those are all important questions, however, they wont matter unless there is a plethora of mini-games. With this being the first I believe it needs rewards to get people to start thinking about mini-games and how they are important. Once there is too many too count the best of them will go through a similar process as this I imagine!

Yes, get the ball rolling!