Player Rewards Workgroup

Similar to the Frens committee and the Wearables Taask Force, I’d like to propose the creation of a workgroup for how player rewards could be distributed.

The group would work on proposals for how and how much player rewards could be distributed, present their proposals to Pixelcraft, and eventually have them voted on by the DAO as a regular proposals. This is something that anyone can do, so it doesn’t really come with any privileges (in the beginning). However, the group would eventually be able to design gotchiverse quests and use some of the player-rewards funds at the groups discretion. Obviously that would start with small funds and at any point proposals could intervene if something seems off.

This is about finding good ideas and solutions to problems that arise on our way to dominate NFT gaming, and not at all about individuals amassing power or redistributing funds to their own bags. We could even put a system in place that members of the group that have too much of a financial interest in any one idea would have less voting power or could recuse themselves (which I think would be a good idea for all other committees as well).

Why is this group needed?
A most recent example would be the following:
Lately people become more and more aware of the dilutional effect that new Haaunts have on BRS RF. Its not just that high BRS Gotchis get less rewards due to a larger high-BRS Gotchi-population, but also that last season’s cap of Top 5k might cause issues in other places.
For Kinship and XP this number looks good. There are already several hundred H2 Gotchis in the all-time Kinship Top 5k (without potions). Some H2 even made it into the all-time XP leaderboard (without potions or sacrifices). So for these categories, 5k still seems to be a good value.
However, for BRS the Gotchi placing at rank #5000 already has a BRS of 522. So until the Gotchiverse is open, owner of lower BRS Gotchis have less reason to spend their GHST on wearables. The more people realize this, the more this could lead to people trying to dump their common and uncommon items, which could have a detrimental effect on the baazaar economy. However, simply increasing the tail to e.g. 7k (or even more) would further decrease rewards for high-BRS H1 collectors, which have already suffered a lot of devaluation. These types of intricate consequences show the need to discuss and find solutions way before we need them, especially before anything final in terms of player rewards is announced.
Even though this is a very recent example, I do not propose to delay S2 with this in any way. It is just an example of how it would make sense to have a group of people dedicated to this topic, so these issues can more easily be anticipated, discussed, and addressed.

Solutions are out there, but we need a group that is dedicated to sorting out the good ones and optimizing them in a way that is fair for veterans and rookies alike.

Should we create a workgroup for player rewards?
  • Yes, lets have a player rewards workgroup!
  • No player rewards workgroup is necessary.

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I would also suggest that the workgroup focus could also come up with new categories for win and not only to tweak existing categories. I think the path forward laid out by the pixelcraft with 5 categories is a good one and should primarily tweaked by expanding the brs reward tail. Make it in someway in relation to the total number of gotchis. New categories should primarily aim to reward those who are left out in other categories. Beauty pagent? Most votes win, conducted trough snapshot or in game event? Gotchis got talent perhaps? Sports arena → Aavelympics event. Singing, dancing and composing event? Goodwill pool for the sub 400 gotchis?

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