Proposal: Allow buying one portal for every address which had at least 100 GHST at block number 11516320 on Matic Network


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Allow buying one portal for every address which had at least 100 GHST at block number 11516320 on Matic Network.


If adopted, this proposal seeks to:

  1. Snapshot GHST balances at block number 11516320 on Matic Network.
  2. Allow buying one portal for every address with a balance of more than 100 GHST at block number 11516320 on Matic Network.

This benefits Aavegotchi as a whole by:

  • Maintains the loyalty of players and community members;
  • Attracts more users to the game.

This benefits GHST holders in particular by:

  • Burning more GHST;
  • Additional treasury income.
  • More players incentivize the secondary market, which will increase the velocity of GHST.


The entire Aavegochi community has watched the lightning-fast sale of all portals in less than a minute. It is not necessary to collect feedback from community members to understand that most of the early adopters were left without a portal and without a fren. This topic has already been discussed here: Proposal for a New Haunt Immediately

The second Haunt will be declined by current GHST holders who bought portals. This would be rational behaviour because additional 10000 portals will devalue their portals and aavegotchis. At the same time, rejecting a fren’s needs will cause negative feedback from the community and will lower the loyalty of the community. So, the motivation is to let people be engaged in the game and do not devalue the holdings of current holders.

Snapshot Vote

Vote here.


I like this proposal.

Basically instead of doing another haunt of 10,000 portals, which will still result in unhappiness.

Just make the decision to include those who showed up!


Will this also consider staked GHST and GHST in liquidity pools?


Probably wouldn’t make sense to consider them, as they were not “ready for launch”, as in having the GHST unstaked and ready to purchase.

The snapshot link isn’t working for me, btw. Is it opening for you guys?

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Also, how many addresses would be in the snapshot? That is good info to know.

It works from time to time.Last time i could interact with this page 2 mins ago. Already 37 members had voted.

I can`t use snapshot link too.
BTW if i have staked out my ghst for 10 min before, and staked in after all portals fall…
my wallet in snapshot or not???

How would this work if you have GHST in LP and also just GHST staking up until 30 mins before haunt release? Would they also be included in snapshot?

the block you are referencing here, what’s the timestamp for that? I assume you intend to include everyone who was ready at the contract at the time of the haunt, however I am not sure.
I’d be inclined to agree with this proposal, with 2 modifications:

  1. exclude everyone who managed to actually get a portal at the haunt
  2. exclude everyone who did not attempt to participate.

If new Portals get minted that quickly, at least give some benefits to the first haul. Otherwise everything that is rare will get devalued by the majority because rare holders can not win.

According to block explorer, the block time for block 11516320 is March-02-2021 04:21:22 PM +2 UTC, so while I really like this proposal, I think some clarity would be needed around staked GHST and LP tokens because I’m sure some users would only have unstaked tokens a few minutes before the launch to maximize fren farming, in which case they may have had a GHST balance of 0 at that block.

I also appreciate the concerns from those who did get portals with respect to scarcity, so not sure how simple it it would be to implement, but maybe further restricting a second haunt to users who attempted to purchase before all portals had sold out, but whom had failed transactions?


I unstaked GHST only a couple of hours before the haunt, so agree with the amendments mentioned above. Also like the idea that treasury funds raised from this special dispensation could be used to fund something special in the game - a gameplay innovation, add-on from a new developer or maybe some kind of charity gifting functionality.

So everybody who missed out are now “the real players” who just want to play the game in contrast to the ones who actually managed to buy some and are “just here for profits”. And to confirm these claims, all we have to do is just to believe on their word. Riiiiiiiiight


25000 unique addresses on site and 1800 ish wallets own a gotchi. If this goes through we will have potentially 20k more portals for sale even if each person gets 1. This will completely destroy the current market especially people that just bought from the 2nd hand market will get rekt.


The ONLY way in doing this (if they are to do it) would be to not devalue the first 10000 that were on initial sale… Otherwise, this project is doomed


Is this going to happen everytime people dont get what they want? Whats the point of having 10k portals, might aswell just have it free on the market for anyone to get anytime, no?

I wanted a beeple, i didnt get one, we dont say allow everyone who had a $1 go get one. There is a limited supply which keeps up the demand.

We can do different approaches next time, perhaps a random raffle, perhaps implement 1 each, but we should not go back and change whats happened.

Also the team should take responsibility for the gas situation which was announced, since it was mentioned, it would not be a ‘gas competition’ but ultimately it was.


I didn’t get into presale on Bridge, FXF or any other Polkastarter projects but I didn’t constantly bash on the projects due to this, but was actually waiting on these to hit the markets where I could buy them (granted, for a much higher price than the one people at presale bought it for), but that is reality… If you didn’t get in it, you have to pay more or hope for the price to come down to what your acceptable price range is for buying. End of story

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The idea that minting new portals to satisfy old community members is fair. But, the problem is what about the folks who were lucky to get the initial portals, what about people like me who accepted their fate and bought portals on the marketplace for 5x-10x.

How would they be compensated if new portals open for those who did not get the portals (given some conditions)?

I guess a win-win for everyone would be when, the initial 10000 gotchis get extra powers/ drops/ extra something so that you reward the luck factor of initial frens… Like imagine, the initial 10k gotchis will get a piece of land in the centre of metaverse to chill out (when metaverse thing starts) etc…


thats right.
For better accuracy we shoud get blocks like 11517250 - 11517350.
or use ruels from this proposal: Proposal: one portal for those who missed out

More honest for people who really whant to buy in Haunt 1.

If we shared 1 portal to everyone who have ghst(How many wallets?), it`s can be painful for project, and for all investors.

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If run Haunt2, it could further hurt those who complain about not being able to get the portal on Haunt1.
Because it is necessary to receive the opinion of the content as stated by c0ncepT in exchange for the execution of Haunt2.
Increasing the supply is too jump to conclusions too quickly .
Running Haunt2 should be considered more carefully.

The Haunt 1 system by the Gotch project team was a great job and a very fair place without crashes due to over-access.